Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Freshpicks products available

Hi all..tengoklah produk #Freshpicks ni fresh from oven.Best quality guaranteed sebab bahan2 nak buat dia pun memang special.contohnya cherry beauty soap tu contains argan oil,aloevera,cucumber, papaya extract! And the criansa kids soap is best for kids with sensitive skin😀
Kalau nak try complete skin care..boleh cuba my personal favourite- CCS set comprise of 2 soaps+1 signature cream (toner+moisturizer) + dd cream with spf30.lipbalm pulak for drylips..macam ala2 lip*ce gitu.Lipmoist pulak macam lipgloss maybell*ine!!Bangga i ade org kita boleh produce product setanding branded products!Okay,price  list as below :

1.CCS set (2 beauty soap+1 signature cream+1 dd cream+FREE 1 cosmetic pouch) -RM 130/set
2.Cherry beauty soap special(green)/classic(orange) edition-RM 25/pc, RM 36 for 2
3.Criansa kids soap-RM12
4.Cherry lipbalm for dry lips-RM15
5.Cherry lipmoist (pretty pink) -RM35

Contact/whatsapp Sha at 0193755133 or find me at FB/IG Shahira Isa 😁

Lets support #Freshpicks #highqualitylocalproducts!

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