Friday, November 18, 2016

5 reasons why our deodorant is best selling item


Let me share with you 5 reasons why you should try Freshpicks deodorant,if you have yet to try one:

1.It is safe and using natural ingredients.No aluminium parabens and other harmful chemicals.

2.It smells fresh and nice..although abit sticky when you apply,it will dry up instantly and last all day.Even if you have to walk or work under the sun. can last up to 3 months since you just need to calit a little bit.

4.Here's the best part.Since it is safe you can use it anyday or night,even at home.Dulu2 i never use deodorant at home sebab tahu kandungan yang sgt bahaya tapi back then tak byk option kan.So mak2 ni kan superman buat 8 kerja at one time and tak mungkin la tak berpeluh and bau ohmy...haa ape kau tak berpeluh kat rumah..kau mmg alien haha.So sekarang saya adelah superman wangi walau di rumah.yeayyy

5.It is small and can fit your handbag..dont ever leave home without one!!

6.I said 5 but i have sixth point here. Since we still have promo buy 2 deodorants at RM50 and get free post+free gift... you really should try now.Banyak tu bole save!

So meh la try ye. Whatsapp 0193755133 okay.Cod available in KLCC/Setiawangsa area.

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