Saturday, November 12, 2016

My own experience using Primo

|My first hand experience  with Primo|

I pernah ade this sceptical perception about face oil sebelum ni.. mungkin  sebab too used too moisturizer only.but i want to try something more to enrich the when Freshpicks Primo set was launched in early Oct, I tried the set which consists of Argan face oil,hyaluronic acid+vit c serum, goat milk facesoap &  chocofee scrub.

After 2 weeks of consistenly using the set, i really can relate to this customer's feedback.The nutty argan smell and oil lathers your skin and it feels... rich! Really mmg best perasaan dia. You should try it yourself 😊

The face serum pulak can doubles as eye serum. I inherits a natural eyebags (sedey i know) but i dont like using  concealer or spot corrector. so eye serum and face serum dan macam my     daily needs haha so  Freshpicks serum works great! Dah la with affordable price..double love💕💕

Then as usual after that time of the month mula la naik pimples seperti cendawan lepas hujan. With consistent usage of Primo set I can see that even the dark spots and pimple scars cepat pudar 😁 Siapa tak suka kan😘

Cume if you have extra dry skin like mine, i prefer to use moisturizer first before the face oil for optimum result.

Marilah cuba Primo Set ni sementara promo masih ada+ free postage lagi.


Whatsapp 019 3755133 for inquiries and order yea!

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