Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Down with fever -_-

First and second day of Ramadhan, I was down with fever. A whole complete package with bad flu/cough/sore throat. Tapi puasa tetap puasa ok. Never thought having fever during Ramadhan was quite a challenge, since you could not take the medicine during the day hence you're expected to recover much later than usual. And was quite irritated with the medicine package that said `makan empat kali sehari'.How can I actually do that?? Well, the nurses were just doing their job anyway.

So besides lied down covered with warm blanket and slept until my head spinning (well, you could not do much activities anyway), I surfed and bloghopped everywhere, looking for delicious pieces of news that I've missed every now and then (due to piling work and lack of internet connection after office hours).

So do click on the followings to read my favourites:

(if you can't access MalaysiaKini, do click here and read the excerpt on the August 27 post)
(this one is very good, an eye-opener)
If you find other interesting blogs, don't forget to share with me :)
Salam Ramadhan~


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