Sunday, October 15, 2006


**my favourite article of the week, courtesy of MISG **

Where is 'she' now?
Oh, she is still with us, her eyes sparkling with wonderful light, being noticeably different.

'She' is a human being.
'She' has good and bad qualities, has dreams, desires and talents. And surely, she experiences success and failure, acknowledges sorrow and happiness and witnesses good and evil.

whatever is her race, language, color, or religion, tends to be the best among others. She aims at gaining the fruits of life and wishes to be ranked in the hearts of those around her. But unlike others, she is unique. Her actions and words move others to have their say.

My 'she',
starts her day with the Morning Prayer when she casts aside her bedcover, performing wudhuk (even when the water is cold and unbearable), stands before her Lord in prayers and tranquility.

wears her hijab and loose clothes, taking herself to school, work, college or the center with one goal – to fill her heart and occupy her mind, pleasing Allah, gaining knowledge' helping others and pursuing good deeds through the hours of this newly born day.

I find my 'she',
cleverly forcing modest acts, kind speech and moderate beliefs observing how well she does her job with her beautiful mind respecting her own body.

Where is 'she' now?
Oh, she is still with us, her eyes sparkling with wonderful light, being noticeably different. She is the one who successfully manages to let all around her look up to her personality. The day is about to end, such a day, the hours of which she divides between performing the five daily prayers, spreading peace, lending a helping hand to all, and opening up to new dimensions of knowledge and learning.

When this 'she' thinks to get married, she choose to be her husband's maid; pleasing him when he looks ate her, obeying him if he orders her and preserving her chastity and his property when he is away.This 'she' is the Muslim woman who upholds Allah's orders, who treads Muhammad's path and strives to model her life on those of the righteous before her. She is the one who earns all the pleasure in this fleeting life and in the eternal abode, `in sha'allah.

Who is your 'she', your shining example, the one who gives you hope when others try to belittle you?

**So to al muslimat, are we prepraring ourselves to resemble`she'? (hehe I'm trying..^_^)**

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nor_shahira said...

alaaa awal2 dah typo...preparing not prepraring..haha