Sunday, November 09, 2008

Quick tips on Paris trip

Eurostar station in Paris.. the Gare du Nord.

My mum's friend just called her for some advice on a trip to Paris..

If you're a first timer, I think this will be beneficial for you too.

0. The first thing you must do when you reach Paris is to GRAB A MAP. These Frenchmen are usually either refuse to talk in English (they're too proud anyway), or they don't know a word in English. But of course, not all. Some are very nice (and handsome, no kidding). They dressed smartly even for a leisure walk on the park.

1. Almost all famous places for tourist can be reach via metro(the intercity train). So don't bother catch up a taxi or rent a car.

2. You're not encouraged to bring imitation bags (made in Siam or elsewhere but France) of brands which are originated from France, i.e Gucci, Prada or LV. If you're unlucky enough and get caught, you might be arrested.

3. For ladies and mums, one compulsory place for you to stop for a very cheap but high quality French lace is at Anvers, a few stop from the Eurostar stop station , Gare du Nord. Seriously, it is CHEAP. You can get the usually RM450/m in Jalan TAR for just RM400/ 4 metres with fancier designs! Highly recommended for bride-to-be ehehe.

4. If you eventually happen to be in London, Paris is just two hours away via Eurostar. Boleh je nak balik hari.

5. Eiffel Tower visit is a must, and the nearest metro (train) stations are Bir Hakeim or Trocadero.

6. To find a mosque/prayer room in Paris is very very hard, so I do encourage the Muslims to dress well (long overcoat, jubah, tudung menepati piawai) and alway equipped your handy bag with sejadah kecik, who knows you'll be praying under the trees or stairs.

7. As usual, travelling in summer is a whole lot easier as you can get up to 12 hours of daylight and easier to perform your solat.

8. Equipped yourself with a knowledge oon V.A.T . You might save a few hundreds EURO when you shop! (never heard of it? Try ask Pakcik Google)

Ame and Kak Lynn (with Hazim dalam perut.. ehehe)

Hope these quick tips helps! :)


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