Monday, February 23, 2009

Eating habits

Some people asked about my eating habits, as I told them its hard for me to gain weight. Actually the reason is they noticed me being very choosy in selecting my food.

As now I'm used to consume green tea, I even drink normal tea without sugar.

And I prefer hot beverages more than cold ones. I even order air buah suam kalo nak sangat minum air buah.

I don't consume carbonated drinks.

I hate teh tarik and always avoid caffeinated drinks.

Nasi lemak and roti canai is not among my favourite dishes.

I started to drink milk everyday every morning (although initially I hate it).

In buffet meals, I choose one or two lauk je and ignore the rest, or just take a little portion of each.

I don't drink in between meal.

I hate veggie but opt for fruits.

But I do eat some veggie that looks good and `comel' (if not, I won't consume it)

I dont eat mutton and control my beef intake.

I don't eat most of animal organs i.e liver, pedal, etc etc

Instead, I eat lots of white meat (chicken and fish).

Ever since I got food poisoning two years ago, I stopped eating kerang bakar.

I love rice and could not stand more than a day without it (unless masa tu takde nasi la kan)

I have one major weakness; I could not resist fried food. They are too tasty to be ignored.

I could not stop but comment on the fat content in rendang, the carbons & carcinogen on satay, etc etc everytime I eat those food.


Am I a health freak?
(I secretly think I am.Minus the fried food part)
When I think again, my current eating habits are quite irony since I am the total opposite 5-10 years ago. Hmm.

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