Friday, June 12, 2009

My Best friend's Wedding

Atas permintaan ramai...

This is a friend whom most of the time with me,through thick and thin.

She was there when I cried (which was very rare) , start dari hilang kunci keta masa 2nd year, depressed mase convofair mase 3rd year, perang besar ngan dia mase 4th year (intern..haha I think the most depressed person during this time is Jasa.Peace Jess~), kecik hati ngan member and abundance of workload mase final year, kecik hati ngan ayah mase pas uni..(masa ni kat umah aku pun hang ade.Magic pe hang ni?) she was always there to console me.

She was there gak through my unforgettable experience.Naik skuter dari uni ke Ipoh and Pangkor, merentas Jambatan Pulau Pinang, she taught me my first time fishing experience in Taman Negara P Pinang (monkey beach ke? lupa dah) sampai I jadi addict and taknak dah mandi laut pastu sebab asyik sangat mancing, our air kelapa moment (and tayar pancit) lepas balik keje mase intern, my first accident (selepas itu saya fobia bawak keta selama tiga minggu, dan tumpang moto dia gi keje everyday), and trip to balai polis dan jumpe pakcik polis sengal,my first ICU experience visiting Anih's friend(Anih is her sister yang equally funny and hilarious) .. not to mention our many roadtrips to Langkawi, Sunway Lagoon, Padang Besaq, Bukit Merah, jalan2 cari ayaq terjun and mandi laut (mase intern, ni memang kerja kami tiap weekend), Penang, Port Dickson.. aih banyak lagi lah.

She was a friend that I relied solely when it comes to assignments and projects in uni.. when I came back after various meetings at 2.00 am,my ritual was always bawak bantal and assignments pi room dia, and konon nak wat keje same2 padahal I slept 10minutes after my arrival huhu..and the main resource each time I don't have time to complete my assignments on time.Hahaa apsal hang ada dalam semua occasion hidup aku nih?

Therefore a long, miserable journey to your wedding is nothing compared to your hospitality and warmth as a friend. Happy wedding, Hariri! And may the best of everything in your new life, insya Allah.

p/s:Excuse the emotional post, I think sometimes ape salahnye.Hehe

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