Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Di kala blank

What would you always do when you have so much in mind to blog, but when you see the blogger's entry template your idea vanished into the air?
Total blackout. Blank.
What I always do, is to click the add image button and surf for interesting pictures in my possession, and paste it here.
Just like this one.
The caption for this pic is, erm, if you have excessive money to spend this month, go get it. One of the best moisturizer I use so far..anyway, not performance wise. I think the moisturizing effect is just OK, but it does not irritate sensitive skin laa for sure. And works for cracked heels too (I was talked into buying this by the sales girl while searching for cracked heels cream). I think I love it because of its smell. Just because of that. Haha.

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