Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Faithful Listener

Abah was always there to listen to my ridiculous and unexpected questions. Our best medium to converse is always in a car.

When I was a little girl, I was the one who seldom sleep in the car during long journey, and ask all sort of questions like,

"Abah, kenapa Pulau Pinang ni tengah2 negeri Kedah"
"Abah, macam mana kapal terbang terbang, dia takde jalan?"
"Abah, kenapa kereta mahal banyak kaler hitam?"

And lots of `kenapa' lagi along the way.

When I grew up, I still had this habit of asking all sort of questions to my dad. Surprisingly, he can answer almost 90% of them correctly. I asked general questions like insurance procedure, autopsies, how to place billboard beside the highway, court rules, bidding for special plate numbers, unit trust, stock exchange, basically anything that crossed my mind. And he will answer everything. I consider him as my walking dictionary. And I grew up very much interested in general knowledge and current issues.

And as I grew older, I tend to think on everything, critically and share with my dad.Eventually he has a neutral political views and also reads both mainstream newspapers and blogs, so okay, I guess he is not bias in that sense.

I wish to capture our conversation yesterday morning, when we went to work.

"Abah, one of Najib's gifts are to give 20% discounts untuk pengguna Touch and Go lebih dari 80 kali. Camana dia kira? Sekali touch dikira sekali ke, satu perjalanan dikira sekali?"
"Satu perjalanan la kot, pergi sekali, balik sekali.Satu hari dua kali"
"Kalau macam tu tak aci lah. Untuk pengguna tegar tol hari2 pun paling2 sehari 2 kali, darab 20 hari bekerja baru 40 kali. So pengguna lebuh raya hari2 pun takleh dapat diskaun unless dia pengguna tegar, satu hari naik 2-3 tol."

Another one, kelmarin when he started a conversation (again, in a car).

"Nanti kalau kita drive pegi Penang, senang la.Tol kat Ipoh tu dia nak cabut, so bayar masa sampai kat destinasi je.Takyah berhenti bayar halfway kat Ipoh lagi."
"Oh yeke. Maksudnya kita kena bayar lagi banyak la.Sebab kita bayar tol ikut kilometer kan.Kiranya sekarang kita dah kena bayar untuk beberapa km yang dulunya free zone tu. Kira kita rugilah kan."

Agak2,if you were my dad, will you get piss off with my critical comments? Don't think so, cause he is my dad. Isn't it good to share everything with people without prejudice. And we learn, and we keep on seeking relevant information to support our facts and stands.

I hope to see our leaders from all political views share a stage and share their views with others, more often for the bettermen of the country.

Don't you think so?

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