Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Career Conflict - Part 2 ke 3 tah?

I really can't escape this career conflict.
Even after I finished my brief plant attachment, I still can't make up my mind (of course, it is only a freaking short period!).
At one time I am ready to give up everything to start a family.
But, who, on earth ask you to give up EVERYTHING just to start a family?
And owh, I think I should become a field engineer just because I can't stand looking at the computer screen 8-5.
May a very dumb reason helps me to decide?
And how many successful people are successful because they follow their heart, and not their degree?
How can I determine and believe that there is a greener pasture on the other side?
Once I asked my Mum, " Can't I get everything I want in this world?"
" OF COURSE you can't"- a stereotype answer I received.
I am a planner by heart and this uncertainty is killing me.
(sekian babbles di petang hari.)

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