Monday, December 22, 2008

Pernah tak rasa..

(Precaution : Don’t read this post as a person whom just had the worst day of her life. Imagine a person who had accepted everything happened to her, the good and bad, and felt grateful for everything and thankful as atleast she is able to breathe the next day. She just happen to take some time out of her daily life, sit at one corner and think the whys.)

Pernah tak rasa..

In working environment and in daily life,

We think we have planned everything smoothly, flawless. We almost sure it will happen, only a matter of time. We know that is the best plan ever as we almost cracked our heads for it, nothing can come in between. Suddenly, in a less than two minutes discussion, everything shattered into pieces and the plan go haywire.

We think we strived hard, harder than the rest to make things happen. We gave our 101 percent commitment and even get acknowledgements from the high ranked for that. But when the appreciation thing comes, you’re plain left out.

We think we’ve tried our best to talk to people, and (think we) successfully persuaded them to attend an event. They even asked so much that showed their genuine interest and ensure 99% they will attend. But when the day came, they just did not show their faces, without any reason.

We think we’ve given the best cooperation to others, help all our might to ensure something a huge success. Even if the whole thing is not even ours, we get our hands dirty and put our best effort. But when the time comes for us to need others’ cooperation, the only thing they provide are hundreds of excuses.

Some points learned:

1) Kita hanya merancang, Allah tentukan
2) Sometimes what we really badly want is not the best for us..
3) Tidak mengapa jika diri tidak dihargai, tapi bimbanglah bila diri tidak lagi berharga.. (pinjam Ami’s recent gtalk status)
4) Don’t ever feel we’re the best, the most treasured asset of the company, sometimes we’re just not there yet, and we did not even realize that. Somewhere I heard people say, “ Riak adalah apabila kita merasa diri kita sangat bernilai..”
5) Never expect we will get what we give, sometimes life is just cruel in nature
6) Never give up and always deliver the best you can give. As anything less than your best is a waste of the gift

Any additional advise, anyone? :)


Hannah said...

hurm biaselah kan. aku pun dulu slalu kecewe bile da penat2 plan pastu adela mende2 tabest berlaku dan bukan dari diri sendiri.

Always expect unexpected things! Buat beberape bekap plan! Mungkin hari ini kau tak dihargai tapi Tuhan kan sentiasa membantu hambaNya yg rajin berusaha. Just think positive!

Shierrahh Ivy said...

ye betul tuh cik haze.. :)