Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bidadari Dari Timur..

I was so upset when I missed the launching of this book during the KL Bookfair last week. It was even attended by Tok Guru himself! Hmm, did I tell you that I missed the whole bookfair affair?? Initially I wasn't so devastated since most of the book that I aimed to get can be found easily in MPH or Kino, except this very particular book ( I assume, although I never actually try to find it in the nearest bookstore). However I managed to get hold of it from a friend, who happened to be a bookdealer.
So this morning, after my Subuh prayer, I read this 107 pages book that I was certain can be finished for a mere half an hour. This book actually acts as my Tazkirah Subuh on this wonderful early weekend morning, where most of the people are still cuddling their comfortable blanket -_- ( I was glad, I was very energetic this morning, or else I would usually do the same ritual as the others..)
OK, I actually wants to highlight some synopsis of this book. They called it `novelette' as it has the fancy words normally used in the commercial Malay novels.. :) I would suggest this book to all ladies, as I presume usually ladies appreciate fancy words (bahasa puitis) and it really touches the bottom of hearts and deepest of soul. For men whom enjoy novels, feel free to get hold of this book.
The book is actually a mini memoir of the beloved wife of Tok Guru (Datuk) Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the well known ulama' and also the MB of Kelantan. Datin Tuan Sabariah Tuan Ishak, a soft spoken, brave at heart and a loving wife and mother of ten children, being a wife of a super busy and dedicated religious leader like Tok Guru for more than 30 years.. there are so much to learn from her valuable experience. Especially to wives and ehem, wife to be (to whom who may concern, haha).
It was filled with excerpts from the Holy Quran, and her real experience of growing up her 5 sons and 5 daughters, and handling the house chores. And she also gave a glance on how Tok Guru managed to spend time with his children and his hobby of hunting and farming (I suppose it is hard to find an MB with interesting hobby like this) despite his busy schedule. However, the thing that I treasure most in this brief novelette are a few doa that was recited by him every now and then. One of my favourite, was the one which he recited before the 13th GE. It surely will shed your tears!
Bottomline is, please read this book.. it is so touching and inspiring at the same time..and it is so thin that you can finish in few minutes, seriously. Enjoy!


Liz[nmn] said...

Shah, will try to find this buku kat bookstores.. tapi kalau tak dpt can you help me to get it?

Nanti aku bgtau kau kalau aku dpt get hold of the buku or not..

Thanks dear..


Shierrahh Ivy said...

sure, boleh.. no problem. just let me know yea :)