Monday, March 22, 2010

Last week's Fortunate/Unfortunate events

(lama dah I tak buat post karangan. So sesiapa merindui karangan I, here it goes)
My series of unfortunate events occurred last week. Not too many events though but enough to make me took EL on Friday. OK actually only two major events but I intentionally put some spices so it sounded terrible. Oh sangat jujurkan. But those were bad though.

Well, the first was when my car failed to start after I finished my training in Bangi. I usually had my Asar prayer before I went home, so the parking area was quite deserted with only few people passed by. Hence I walked to the guardhouse and asked them for a mechanic's number(actually I would welcome their help tapi cover line la gak). But what I did not expect was their reluctance to help. At first, they suggested for me to walk alone to the junction, said that a workshop is just around the corner. Since I was sad and panicking, I don't dare to walk alone and insisted for the workshop's phone number instead. I can't believe they don't have a number, as they were guards in a training centre where similar events could and would occur every now and then. Amidst their reluctancy, one of them agreed to see my car's condition. Or maybe they felt guilty for the small tears welled in my eyes (sikit je ok. Biasalah panik). Pakcik tersebut shot a glance at my engine and said, `oh takboleh start ye. Nanti saya carikan jumper'.

And I waited for few minutes and he didn't return. At the same time, my dear husband's friend's friend (ye husband I tolong carikan talian hayat bila dengar wife dia bunyi cam nak nangis dah over the phone sebab kereta takleh start.Anyway tak nangis pon ok.Ego still kena maintain.Haha) came over with jumper wires. At the back of my head,  I was so sure that the cause was not the battery.I just changed it a few months ago, so it is considered brand-new right? So before they started energizing my battery, I asked them to inspect the wiring first. And boy I was right (but not brave enough to look myself, typical woman), the wire did not touch the battery cap. So the kind hearted guys helped to tighten it up and asked me to pour hot water later to ensure the elements keep in contact. I happily thanked them and hopped off to fetch my husband in the office. The best/worst part is, the guard never return. Sabar je lah. Sila blacklist pakcik guard tersebut ok.

Kesimpulan part one:

1)My husband bought me jumper wires to be kept in my car. He insisted it will be very important whenever I face similar situation in the future. But I still think the most important thing to have instead of jumper wires are AAM toll free or a mechanic's number. Haha.Lady drivers semua mesti sependapat dengan I.Kan?

2)Bukan semua pakcik guard adalah helpful sanggup menolong wanita yang dalam kesusahan.

OK habis part one.

My second unfortunate event started the very next day. Both husband and I went back early from office, happily (sebab jalan tak jem, cuti sekolah). I even planned to cook a simple dinner that night. When we approached the lift to our house, the security guard (eh apa asik citer pasal pakgad ni?aish dejavu plak) told us the TNB guys had pulled out our meters.What?? I almost shout to the guard in anger (spontaneously, I got a short temper anyway) but suddenly realized it was not his fault. And I noticed hubby was extremely calm hence I gained back my self control and tak jadi marah.Padahal pak gad tu baik nak inform apasal aku marah dia plak.

When we reached home, of course all electrical appliances were not functioning. We called TNB aduan line and got false promise to return our call after a short while (Mengapakah perkara ini selalu terjadi?Baik takyah jadi operator Aduan line). Only the second call answered our messy encounter. The previous owner closed his account without informing us. This time I almost sure my husband will turn into Incredible Hulk out of anger (Saye pon kena marah sekali..uu sedey) because all this won't happen if the previous owner make JUST one phone call to inform us. But when Allah says it will happen, it still will. Alhamdulillah we were still very conscious of that.

To make things worse, we misplaced the SnP and husband was convinced it was left at his parents' house. So off we went, in the middle of the night balik Seremban. But the SnP was nowhere to be found. So the next day (after informed our bosses of our EL), we called our lawyer and obtained the amended SnP from her. Then, rushed back to KL to open our account before everyone leave for Friday prayer. Siap kena merayu-rayu pakcik meter to install our meter on the day since it was Friday and they don't work on weekends. Finally, our meter was installed the same day. Terima kasih kepada pakcik meter dan kuncu-kuncunya, you guys made a great effort to light up our house,literally! (eh jangan memain, one of our contingency plan is to sleep in the nearby hotel, tapi masalahnya hotel semua penuh di akhir cuti sekolah.Bagus gak,kalau tak kopak juga)

Kesimpulan part two:

1)      Please communicate; you won't know the impact of communication breakdown to other people until you experience it yourself. Sometimes the solution is just a phone call away.

2)      Never delay to change your electric account whenever you bought a house from someone.


But at least, my weekends were filled with joy of the others. I attended three weddings, and a rugby match. Haha congrats to all the newly weds. Only some minor glitch, I forgot to bring extra clothes so I was the awkward lady in white silk baju kurung di tepi padang tengok orang main rugby after attending my schoolmate's wedding. Haih sabar je lah..I don't mind the stares but baju kurung just restricted me to sit on the grass and enjoy the game wholeheartedly. Itu je.

Enjoy your days, everyone.



^fairyha^ said...

Owh... macam tu citenye.. baru aku tau. Haha.

BTW, kete aku aritu tu bateri kong. Trus tuka bateri baru. Bateri lame tu ade 15 months warranty. Tapi dah 16 months rupenye. Ces btl.

Shierrahh Ivy said...

ye itu la citernye.huhu sbb tu kot die letak 15 yr warranty,dh tau nk kong haha