Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On-screen vs hardcopy?

Have you ever wonder, why some people just favour real paper books instead of e-books?

Among these people are yours truly. I can't stand e-books or lengthy wordy documents on-screen. I printed all notes during my study days and even have to take occasion breaks from looking at the monitor in my daily work (sebab tu I suka kerja luar every now and then, I can't stand the monitor lights!)

Also, ever wonder why when we typed an important document, it looked flawless and perfect. But when we printed it out and submitted to the boss, she sent it back a moment later with red correction lines and made us gape in disbelief - Why didn't I notice this typo errors during my hundred times of re-checking??

I just found the answers during my writing skills training last week.

My trainer told me; when we glare at the monitor, the light emitted goes straight to our eyes. This is called backlit image. When we read a hardcopy, the nearest lamp reflected its light to the hardcopy and then to our eyes. It is called reflected image. Generally our brain unable to focus details of backlit images compared to reflected images, hence we just realize the errors after a hardcopy proofread. At least the DailyWriting Tips agreed that hardcopy is more steadfast when it comes to proofreading and editing. Of course some lucky people might be able to write remarkable error-free piece of documents on-screen, so consider your ability as a blessing and be grateful about it J

Generally, it is still ok (for those who can bear) to use backlit image for reading or drafting purpose, but please don't proofread/edit important documents on-screen as you can't afford to spot every single mistakes. Unless if it is just a five liners or informal email (well, we have to help save a tree, don't we?) Please be extra cautious because sometimes simple mistakes may lead to misinterpretation or even worse, potential embarrassment. Some may also cost our future and fortune! ( I've known some real life examples, seriously).
So Ci especially, you are recommended to proofread your final thesis using hardcopy ye J

p/s: I don't do hardcopy proofread for my blog posts. It is just way unnecessary. Please save a tree, thanks.

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