Monday, March 29, 2010

My weekend and his

My weekend was filled with the above.Oh no the picture don't do justice, I was actually away for a camping trip.But the jeram was superb!Guess where?Hint:only half and hour from KL

While his weekend was incomparable.While I was worried he would be bored to death (kononnye without me kan), his weekend was full with meeting-wedding-rugby-balik kampung(ciss sempat !both places pulak tu)-futsal-bowling..pergh.At least I'm glad he was having equal fun.

What a busy-outdoor-lovers-couple we are...-_-


bijoux said...

adik. akak baru bace entry2 awk ni. hahaha. padan muke kne marah pasal letrik. first fight ke? wuwuwu =p keep it cheerful ok. mandi klo control basah tu tak la mandi sgtttt =p muah2.

Shierrahh Ivy said...

haha tak marah pon, nk lepas geram je..huhu sayakan wife yg comel tak fight pon, bagi dia reda dia skejap je.haha dahdah kang dia baca kang :p

Shierrahh Ivy said...
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bijoux said...

HAHAHAHAAHA. tau takot =p ok awk mmg comel. layankan ajeee.