Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Short N Precise (2)

Roselinda: I don’t see anything wrong

Of course you don’t, honey, since YOU’re the one who was appointed as councillor in MPK by the superman of Selangor (you-know-who)-and the joy shared with YOUR family members.Was it being the Klang Umno Puteri chief only makes you eligible for the post, together with your brother-in-law and father-in-law (who owns a RM5 million castle at Pandamaran, which makes him a hotshot, hotter than Khairy Jamaluddin these days)?

OK, you insisted that you and your family were being appointed by different capacities, you are Umno Puteri chief of Klang, while Zakaria was Klang Umno division chief, and Zainuri acting head of Klang Umno Youth, but have you ever heard three in a family being appointed as councilors, all at the same time and at the same state? we, and namely all Selangor/Malaysia citizens, I suppose, definitely smell something fishy going on there.

We hope you can spend some time reading some part of the Open letter to Khir Toyo, written by R Nadeswaran (The SUN) that touched on your matter.Any sane person can judge whether there was anything went wrong, or it was just plain ordinary to happen in the government procedure nowadays(is it???).Please don’t blame Nades for his openness and sharp views, he’s a deputy editor anyway.He was just representing the rest of us, the people of this nation to voice out our thoughts and concerns.Enough of reading about you guys in most of the newspapers yesterday, and today when you said you don’t see anything wrong, we do see the opposite.Or maybe you’re being truthful,maybe you’re totally innocent.Maybe it’s the hotshot who owns extra power, more than he should have, or most probably the superman….(ehm, you certainly know-who) were behind this whole fiasco.

We just want the truth, and that’s all we ever wanted. Oh, and justice too!


Ainul Hafiz said...


ervy time ko update blog.. aku akan singgah.. so kirenye aku sempat tgk template ko yg just before this.. nice one.. cume mane chat box?

anyway.. salam aidilfitri.. baru arini abes present fyp.. lega rasa.

maaf zahir batin

Shierrahh Ivy said...

hye..thanks=) yup i'm still thinking whether nak letak chatbox ke tak..sebab byk consequences nyer..hehe tgk la nanti camne. selamat hari raya n maaf zahir batin juga=)