Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pre-wed memoir#5 - Conversation with Abah

Masa tengah makan malam (Ma tak makan sekali, dia diet kononnya)
Me: Abah, nanti abah yang nikahkan adik kan? (I am the adik,although not the youngest.Typical second child lah kan)
Abah: Haah
Me: Abah dah praktis ke?
Abah: (Berenti makan) hahahaa.. takyah praktis de. Senang je.
Me: Abah sure? Nanti kang lost of word kang. Ada kawan adik tok kadi yg nikahkan sebab ayah dia nervous.
Abah: Ala sebaris je kan..boleh punye.Bukannye abah pengantin pun
Me: Yelah atleast tengok laa skrip tu dulu..tak tengok langsung kang culture shock plak
Abah: Abah yakin, no worries
Me: Tapi takpelah boleh tengok teks kan.
Abah: Ye betul.Takyah teks pun takpe, senang je. Jangan risau..takde hal punya.
Me: Ok fine.
The one and only Abah I know, is the one who seldom showed emotions.Maybe he thinks showing emotion is not his cups of tea(atau maybe tak macho showing emotions?I just don't get guys).Once when I cried for whatever reason yg dah lupa, he just being plain ignorance (but I knew he actually cares too much) and later bombarded questions to my Mom on my well being.Does your Dad do that too?
I am just being a typical myself, minimizing the risk and considering all possibilities.
So kita tengok laa time akad nanti..
Halamak, I hope my Dad doesn't read my blog.Segan I! He is a well verse hardcore blog hoppers bytheway.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Resurface later

People can see if you're not being honest.
It shows in your eyes.
It lingers around you.
It is obvious on your body language.
And the stutter of words.

Or even if it doesn't show, it will resurface later.. at the right place and the right time.

P/S: This is not a hatred post.I am just deep in thought and wondering the what ifs, while studying the people and their behaviours. Human is interesting creature, indeed.