Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Product review: Airfryer

I've been wanting to get this thing since it was launched but only manages to get hold of it recently (when my friend sell at a very reasonable price 😅).  

What i can say,if youre a sucker of fried food of any kind or your children are,please get wont pan worth of fries or chicken drummet only need one spoon oil or less,or for some recipe (esp store bought frozen food since it usually already contain some oil prior the freezing process) even none! Highly recommended :)

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Amna' s full conversations

I just need to capture these somewhere. Being 2 years 4 mo, Amna is in the midst of constructing full conversations and building creativity, sometimes i find it cute and hilarious although it makes me tak jadi marah.
Situation 1(subuh time)
Mummy: Amna why dont u finish ur susu?
Amna : taknak! (We communicate in both languages anyway so dont bother)
Mummy: if u dont want to finish, mummy gives your susu to cat..she loves your susu
Amna : tak boleh
Mummy: why?
Amna : cat tido.. (she noticed it was still dark outside)
Situation 2 (sleep time,lights off already but she still wide awake)
Mummy: mummy dah ngantuk ni, mummy tido dulu ok
Amna: ok.gelapnyer.. (went down the bed,took her frozen figurines and climb back the bed)
Mummy: dah tido2
Amna: (talked to her figurines) kristoff,olaf,jom tido.(changed voice) tanakkkk..
Mummy: (penat tahan gelak coz i suppose to pretend sleeping this time)
Omg i love this stage..she is so unpredictable and funny