Friday, February 26, 2010

Cliche question

Excuse the wedding pic, please.

Just realize I have not upload even a single photo of my own wedding in my own blog,so here is one...and please expect more to come.haha.
Its been a while but still I received the cliche question, of `how was married life?'

Usually I replied with even a cliche answer `Cam biasala..haha'(grinning ears to ears). Cause the best answer you would ever obtain is when you experience it yourself..ahaha.Cam bagus je jawapan kan.But its true..:P

Just now was another one of many occasions that makes me smile,the occasion that only occured when you have a husband living with you, of course.

When we just finished our prayers,he looked at me, smiled and touched my telekung.

I gave him a puzzled look, thus he said`nak retain air sembahyang..' (he was about to go for some religious programme shortly)

I replied, `okay' and I alas my hand with my telekung and salam as usual, pastu terus kedua-dua kami terkejut.

Sebab eventually I salam cium tangan cam biase, maka batal gak air sembahyang kan...haha so much on nak retain air sembahyang la kononnya kan..:P Sorry dear, tak sengaja :P Tapi fikir balik I gelak sorang-sorang sebab beriya alas tangan tapi cium tangan my husband. Ntah pape tah.