Thursday, November 25, 2010

Health Tips#4: Frozen Yogurt

Currently we're in love with frozen yogurt, particularly after we tasted J Co's Cool Yogurt! And after a quick search, I just found out that in the U.S, frozen yogurt is already a preferred alternative to ice cream due to its lower calories content (the main difference of both is yogurt replaces cream as in ice-cream). But I don't really think it is quite common here in Malaysia, no? I believe only few dessert outlets serve frozen yogurt cause it is kind of hard to get! However one major drawback is the price might be slightly higher than normal ice-cream.. J Co sells J Cool as the above for about RM20++( the price range on selection of toppings). But if you are a real health freak plus yogurt lover, you definitely need to give this a try. I have started to google home made frozen yogurt recipe already..heheh (ambitious kan?!)
Anyone wants to recommend any other outlets that sells nice frozen yogurt? Do let me know ok :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you wear neck tie?

Being a woman, I never really fancy this one particular garment, although I used to wear it during my primary school in Standard 5 and 6 (prefect la katakan,konon). Hence, I knew how to tie a tie (!) properly back then, but not anymore. I even felt an unnecessary gush of panic before my wedding just because I don't really know how to tie a tie (owh I hate the bold words,it doesn't sounds right! how can I rephrase it, anyone?), since everyone said you need to know this particular art so that you can tie for your husband before he goes to work..sweet kan I worrying things like that? :p I simply don't like ties as I think it doesn't serve any purpose.It just make dressing to work more complicated. I think many guys do agree with me. I mean, can I see a raise of hand, who actually LOVES tie so much? Tak ramai, kan. And what actually happens after lunch? Yes you guess it right, their neck ties are simply gone.
It's such a huge relief when, after married I discovered that my husband doesn't wear a neck tie. Or actually he don't like wearing one (oh yeke? jadi di mana tie cantik pemberianku sebagai hantaran tempoh hari? :p). Once he mentioned to me, `Driller tak main la pakai tie, skema la' hahah yelah tu. Thank goodness the company does not have a very strict dresscode to adhere to.
As many of us perceived that tie is hugely accepted as part of formal dresscode around the world, there is one country whom actually spare this- it is IRAN. I just knew about this fact! And more interesting thought to ponder on the reason of why they banned ties. In Iran, ties are viewed as un-Islamic and said to contribute to the spreading of western culture. You can read more about it here. But don't worry, you won't be caught by the police if you are seen wearing one in Iran.They are not extremist..:)
I always envy Iran for its boldness and its refusal to follow the westerns blindly.Kudos! So its not just me who hate ties, I guess.

String quartet

Yesterday was the first time I learnt about string quartet in a humble thirty minutes performance by members of PPAG at Dewan Rampaisari,KLCC. It consists of four string players — usually two violin players, a violist and a cellist. I just knew about the difference of violin and viola!! Both may look exactly the same, the only difference is the size hence the sound it creates also differ. Another surprising fact (for me) is, one violin may costs tens of thousands dollars per piece, excluding the bow. And yes, the lead violin player did mentioned that a string quartet instruments (sum of all four instruments) may cost around RM2.4 million altogether. What an expensive hobby, but if it turns into your rice pots with handsome pay, then why not?
p/s: I'm not an avid music lover but I do enjoy live performance and orchestra. It sounds.. majestic!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Common Blog Annoyance

I believe most of you readers love bloghopping, like me :) Or else you whom does not really knows me personally wouldn't land to my blog, right? I just want to list down the annoying thing I sometimes found in some blogs that I believe annoys you too.. or is it just me who is overly sensitive? Haha typical.
1. I hate copy-pasted blogs. I know I've mentioned it somewhere earlier,haha. I mean, maybe one or two entries once in a while is not harmful, but to have an 80% copy-pasted entries in your blog is just a big NO. Might as well you just link your post to the blog/website you referred to.
2. I hate blogs that contained vengeful and hatred entries, even worse if it is full with bad words. It brings negative vibes and bad impression to the writer. Often I always turned off by good content blogs just because the writers are just too rude, insensitive and mean.
3. I don't fancy blogs that talked solely about her/himself alone-no other topics involved. But I agreed that this kind of blog does attract many curious readers but often end up they talked about the self-centred writer behind her/his back. I always wonder,what's the value of having this kind of blog? Hmm.
4. I hate blogs with too much short sentences/slangs/mix languages that is sometimes hard to read. Please, oh please use correct words and sentences,and avoid mixing languages in one sentence. Ok sometimes I did this crime unintentionally, so forgive me :)
5. Like you, I do follow some famous contemporary bloggers whom have hundreds of faithful followers. But I hate when I can detect promotion entries that is sponsored by some other companies to sell their products. I mean, I understand they have to do it because they're top bloggers and actually get paid for it, but it can be really boring and cliche, like watching ads on tv. I 've read some very good bloggers whom manage to produce original write-up even to promote someone else's products. For me, these are the real true bloggers.
I guess 5 is enough for now :) So what element that annoys you most in blogging world?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quality time

At some point of time, it is worth to slower your pace, stop and look back.
And spend quality time with your precious ones.
Especially in this hustle and bustle of life,
Where people meet their colleagues more often than they meet their family,
And where winning thousand dollars worth of project is believed more important than fetching your kids from school,
And where making a strong impact in a stranger's company is way a bigger deal than to be the best for your spouse and your own family.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hajj 2010

It is never too late to wish Salam Aidil Adha to all. Let us embrace the spirit of sacrifice in our daily lives.
I wish to paste my FB status two days back as a reminder for me to fulfil when the time comes, insya Allah.
"Nor Shahira Md Isa Salam Aidil adha kepada semua. Sempena hari raya ini, saya berazam utk menunaikan haji pada tahun saya dapat giliran haji. tak kesah la kena unpaid leave pun takpe, yg penting kewajipan mesti ditunaikan. insya Allah sekiranya masih bernyawa dan berkemampuan.. ameen "
Allahuakbar, allahuakbar,allahuakbar, walillah ilham.
p/s : Pictures are taken during Hajj 2010 session. Amazing and inspiring pictures indeed.Credit to REUTERS, Getty Images & AP Photos.
p/s2 : Congratulations to a former housemate whom just delivered a baby boy on Raya day. I recommended her to bagi nama anak dia Aidil Zafuan atau Zakuan Adha, hehe

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kenapa orang muda kena tahu pasal politik negara

Taken from the blog of A Kadir Jasin after he hits 1000 Followers. He especially note that most of his followers are `orang muda'.
"...Saya perhatikan ramai "followers" adalah orang muda. Tahniah. Justeru itu, saya galakkan pengikut muda blog ini agar memberani dan membiasakan diri dengan perbahasan dan penghujahan.

Masa depan negera ini adalah untuk anda. Jadi Saudara dan Saudari wajib mengambil tahu dan bertindak agar ia terjamin sejahtera.

Jangan serahkan bulat-bulat masa depan Saudara dan Saudari kepada orang lain.

You must learn to take charge of your future wisely and with sense of responsibility, humility and commitment.

Terima kasih."

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kids say the darndest thing

Kids do say the darndest thing.
Recently I joined a volunteery programme to entertain a bunch of school kids in conjunction of Deepavali. The main highlights are tour to Petrosains and Skybridge. Among the unforgettable moments were when..well, to set the actual scene, most of the kids were Indian and as you know, most Indians have long and complicated names. They tend to talked in Tamil most of the time so they are were neither fluent in English nor Malay. So when I tried to call a girl, unfortunately with a wrong name, she said `Kakak, AKU Proscilla, yang itu Abirami'.. I was surprised and tried to hold my laughter at the same time. I was too shocked dia cakap `aku' . Hehe pastu I always need to talk slowly and clearly, and without realising I was speaking alternately in English and Malay. I believe I was confusing them even more when I need to repeat my sentences every now and then. Guess I have to learn little bit of Tamil after this -_-
Another significant observation that came as quite a surprise for me, is I just realised that these kids are not so good in communicating using other languages besides their mother tongue. I mean, I have a mindset that all kids nowadays must be good in English, if not better compared to my days where we learn everything in Malay language. Boy I was wrong! During one of the quiz session, the speaker conveyed easy quizzes in English, hoping for the kids to participate for free chocolates. The first few rounds went without any response.At first I thought they were shy, until one kid from the other table called me and said `Kakak, dia cakap apa?' Hence, I played the role of a translator, I believe other chaperons did the same too. And then only the hall started to go chaotic with their screams and playful acts. This experience really makes me wonder, what happen to the previous education system that promotes English as the main language in school? I knew they've changed that already, but these kids are Year4-6 students. They suppose to be the living result of the English language usage in schools, no?
Besides that, I enjoyed their mischievous behaviour and innocent act. Once there were two boys, saw I was holding my handphone They made a gesture for me to take picture of them with a Kadazan girl from different school. As you may guessed already, this girl is so cute but a bit shy hence she roped her friend in for the photo. Adn eventually, when other kids saw that I was arranging their friends for a photo, they jumped from their seats and joined in! I was impressed that despite the language barrier, they managed to get what they want - th be photographed with a girl that they have a crush on :) That is so sweet and brave of them. Instantly I was reminded of the award-winning PETRONAS ad, Tan Hong Ming.. it was my all-time favourite!
Hence that wraps my Deepavali experience for this year... hope you enjoy yours :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Formula Keluarga Bahagia

Assalamualaikum wbt..
(Wahh I dah jadi promoter program sekarang! Heheh.Sticky post until next week)
Sangat digalakkan hadir program nie terutama utk peminat ustaz hasrizal from Datangla dengan spouse, tapi kalau dtg sorang/ngan kekawan pun takpe.. :) Target adalah supaya kita dapat menimba ilmu camana ustaz uruskan rumah tangga dengan jadual beliau dan isteri yang sangat sibuk serta anak2 kecik, hehe (ehem penting ni untuk persediaan masa hadapan)
Kalau berminat boleh juga daftar terus kat saya ye! emel

Anda semua dijemput ke:


Sabtu, 13 November 2010
8 pagi - 5 petang

Menara Yayasan Selangor, Petaling Jaya (sebelah Amcorp Mall, berdekatan Stesen LRT Taman Jaya)

Master Trainer Saifulislam Training & Consultancy

Program SINERGI KELUARGA BAHAGIA ini membangunkan rasa penghargaan dan tumpuan perhatian setiap individu terhadap faktor manusia di dalam sebuah keluarga. Program ini juga mengenengahkan ilmu, kemahiran dan maklumat yang berstruktur untuk menjana SIKAP-SIKAP yang cemerlang bagi setiap individu bagi sebuah keluarga.

Individu yang belum berkahwin

• Meningkatkan upaya komunikasi secara dua hala.
• Menyuburkan nilai MEMBERI berbanding MENERIMA di antara suami dan isteri, agar keutamaan diberi kepada soal peranan, berbanding tuntutan hak dan ganjaran (proaktif)
• Membantu melihat sisi kelebihan yang ada pada pasangan masing-masing dan menjadikan kekurangan setiap seorang sebagai peluang untuk pasangannya berperanan memberi.
• Membantu merealisasikan proses mencapai tiga peringkat kebahagiaan sebuah rumahtangga iaitu SAKINAH, MAWADDAH dan RAHMAH

• Meningkatkan upaya komunikasi secara dua hala.
• Membantu ibu bapa membaca dan memahami mesej yang cuba disampaikan oleh anak- anak melalui tingkah laku dan perbuatan mereka.
• Membantu ibu bapa melihat sisi kelebihan yang ada pada anak-anak dan menghargai setiap seorang daripada mereka secara individu.
• Menyuburkan proses kepimpinan melalui teladan sebuah rumahtangga

Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat Titiwangsa, Nisa' Titiwangsa,Yayasan Prihatin Titiwangsa, dan Yayasan Selangor

RM10 sahaja (sebahagian besar daripada kos program telah ditaja)

Sila Hubungi:
Cik Nazirah: 013 318 3845
Pn Siti Hajar: 013 3904807

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    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Light Festival is here

    Among the things that I love to see and look forward to when going to shopping complexes is this : Kollum. I truly believe it is a beautiful yet complicated piece of art that need patience and creativity to the max. This is the one I saw at Times Square.

    Monday, November 01, 2010

    Healthy tips #3: Food I used to hate

    IKLAN SEBELUM TERLUPA : Untuk penggemar yogurt sekalian, saya nak recommend Anlene Low Fat Yogurt, be it strawberry or mixed berries. Bukan sebab dia adalah self-proclaimed `Low Fat' (coz I don't really actually believe that anyway), tapi sebab ianya sedap. Ya sedap, jika taste anda seperti saya yang tak suka rasa masam tairu dan so-obvious-taste-like-milk, this is among the best tasted yogurt I've had so far :)
    Pikir balik, can't believe I'm recommending people these healthy food. Yeah, my current obsession on healthy food might drive somebody nuts (encik hubby tak kesah kan? kan kan i know, lap u), but I love everything about it! Simply because we have to love our body yang dipinjamkan oleh Allah ni, so don't stuff it with food that taste-so-freaking-good-but-you-know-its-not-healthy. OK saya terikut-ikut trend orang muda sekarang menulis dengan banyak sengkang so maafkan saya.Juga pemakanan sihat ni akan membuatkan hati anda gembira sebab dah lakukan yang terbaik utk diri sendiri.
    Come to think about it again, I tried to list down some food that I used to hate in my early years. Infact, I have a very long list of food that I dislike and am known of very choosy in eating. But now, some of the food that I hate already become my favourite! Pelik tak pelik. Contohnye adalah sepuluh perkara berikut :
    1. I used to be a coke addict when I was Standard 3. Gila tak? Coke during recess, after school and after sekolah petang (kegiatan kokurikulum-eheh miss those days).Dalam masa sehari tu! Sib baik I tak obes atau diabetes. SEKARANG, I hardly even touch carbonated drinks. Nak habiskan segelas pun seksa.
    2. I used to be a carnivor seperti Hazel (tak pepasal ko kena kan. Hehhe). I hate all kind of sayur except salad. But now, I make sure all my meal contain some sort of sayur in it. Tapi I still prefer raw type cam salad, ulam2an semua.. dan juga sayur yang `cantik'. Hehe kalau cantik dan comel cam carrot, kacang buncis tu I suka, yang huduh (maafkan saya,bukan salah kamu huduh, saya bagi contoh jer) tu biasanya I tak makan. Dan oh ye, saya prefer sayur dimasak sendiri.
    3. Once upon a time, I really can't stand dairy products, be it fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, susu tepung etc. Berbakul2 I cakap loya lah,nak muntah lah,bau busuk la macam2 la kan.OK susu coklat Dutch Lady ataupun susu coklat rancangan makanan tambahan kat sekolah yang lazat tu tanyelah semua budak, siapa pun suka kan. Sekarang those food are my favourite! Siap consume setiap hari tanpa miss lagi. Kalau boleh semua makanan pon nak tambah diary products, hehe. Jangan jealous peeps, my body fat, TPW (total percetage of water dalam badan) and BMI is normal - not even underweight :) Alhamdulillah
    4. My close friends tahu yang I benci sangat taugeh. Now fret not kawan2, I can proudly say that I dah makan taugeh sekarang:) Tapi I still skeptical and memilih taugeh, I akan makan kat kedai yang I yakin pembuatannya dan taugehnya fresh & rangup (habislaa cerewetnya mak ngah). I even think of growing taugeh by my own kalau nak makan sendiri.
    5. Owh, my greatest grief sewaktu masuk sekolah asrama penuh adalah, kat sekolah ni takde peti ais,camana nak minum air sejuk? Ye saya tak pernah minum air masak/air suam sebelum masuk boarding school.Tapi lama2 dah terbiasa, sekarang I hardly have iced-drinks. Seorang Cik yang dirahsiakan namanya siap membebel lagi bila bukak peti ais I takde air sejuk, hehe.
    6. Kambing. Hee ni I masih mencuba2 laa.. tak berani sangat lagi :) Dulu I menyampah daging kambing kan bau sikit..tapi I fikir kalau Rasulullah dulu makan kambing,tentula kambing ni daging paling bagus kan, infact it contains the lowest cholesterol(orang cakap la,nanti i research utk confirm balik). Dalam hal ini, terima kasih kepada Black pepper Lamb Pie Secret Recipe yang telah menyebabkan I tak skeptical kat daging kambing lagi. Serious sedap! Pasni nak try kebab kambing lak..kat mana sedap? kyros?
    7. I used to hate oats. Sampailah akhirnya I temui cara makan oat yang membolehkan I habis satu mangkuk penuh, sekarang I adalah oat-lover. Sihat lagi menyihatkan ok.. namun kekadang timbul jua rasa muak, sebab kalo boh air slimy sangat, kalo tak boh pape liat lak nak kunyah.
    8. Saya juga pernah menjadi pemakan nasik yang tegar. Sehari kalau tak dapat nasik mula resah gelisah (ni tabiat I dapat from my Abah). But now, thanks to my hubby yang selalu insist supaya I tak masak nasik utk support program diet dia, I dah terer tak makan nasik. My favourite semestinya italianese la as usual, hehe. Pengganti nasik adalah banyak sebenarnya, cam pasta,cereal,wheat semua.. equally sedap dan yang lebih penting menyihatkan :)
    9. I used to be a junk food junkie. I LOOVEE keropok, owh not to mention SuperRIng yang penuh dengan pewarna oren itu, sangat sedap! dan macam2 la lagi, terutama potato chips laa I love sangat2. Sekarang sangat jarang I makan benda2 tu, dah insaf. Kekadang boleh la, sebulan sekali nak lepas gian kan. But I really avoid those now as much as I can :)
    10. Last but not least, dulu I suka makan fastfood. Tapi it helps a lot when I started to boycott McD around year 2004 onwards dan fast food sealiran dengannya, so I dah kurang makan fast food. Kekadang ada la makan KFC ke A&W ke kalau gian or ada family gathering.. but usually I avoid la makan nie. Not good, people. You and me know that too well but do we make any move away from those grease? Hehe
    OK tu je. In an nutshell, it is NOT impossible to change your liking of food. You just need to have a positive mindset to try all food that is good to your health. And more often than not, I found that the food that I used to hate, tasted not so bad at all. So just try guys, don't be afraid especially to those that is good for you. Let's promote healthy eating!
    EASY TIPS :I tak ingat pernah sebut ni ke tak, tips paling senang nak makan makanan sihat tapi tak sedap adalah; campurkan ia dengan makanan yang anda suka. Hehe saya selalu campur makanan tersebut dengan choc syrup, buah, honey, ice cream etc etc ikut kesesuaian.. try it!