Monday, August 31, 2009

Amazing Ramadhan

Its been a week since we celebrate the arrival of Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is a very special month, not only because the abundance of pahala Allah offers to the believers, but also the burning desire of doing ibadah that is seldom felt in other months.

For instance, during Ramadhan we do not eat from dawn to dusk, yet still we manage our daily ritual of work from 8.00 am - 5.00 pm (and sometimes even more), then settle for a while for break of fast and solat Maghrib, then attend tarawikh prayers for 8 or sometimes 20 rakaat!Then, to wake up at 4 a.m for sahur is such an easy task, whereas it was even hard to wake up for subuh during normal days. Moreover, quran recitation and solat sunat always fill the gaps in between, throughout Ramadhan- approximately 30 days.Isn't Ramadhan amazing?

Therefore, lets cherish the moment and may our enthusiasm to perform ibadah last even after Ramadhan ends, insya Allah. Who knows this might be the last Ramadhan for us?

Its 7.10 pm, am fasting although having slight fever for the past two days..hope will get well by tomorrow for work.Selamat berbuka everyone :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Misi 20 hari menjadi engineer

updated! on 100909 with conclusion

I will put quotes I heard/invented/crossed my mind for each of the day I endured in Bintulu, during my 20 days mission to experience real engineer's work in an LNG plant.

Day 1 : Rasanya perempuan tak sesuai laa jadi engineer.. kerja teruk.
(pastu rupanya baru sedar, kerja teruk sebab attach wat kerja machine control.cis)

Day 2 : Baru la engineer..kerja tengah panas
(sebaik sahaja berkata demikian, orang tersebut terus masuk ke dalam FAR (bilik ber air cond) dan melihat sahaja vendor2 mengangkut panel masuk FAR)

Day 3 : Start dah sunburn. Is all this worth?
(manje. ni yang orang lain mengata pempuan takleh jadi engineer ni)

Day 4 : Yeay petang tak turun plant!
(pastu sibuk bukak email opis yg berkepuk dan reply email.Cis takleh lari betul dengan kerja opis.Dasar orang KLCC)

Day 5 : Eh, its gonna rain anytime."Yes but inside there (gas turbine house) got roof what"
(adeh cubaan mengelat tak menjadi)

Day 6 : Sabtu kerja (dan Ahad juga??) Tidakkk !!

Day 7 : Its never too old to learn
(So true, when a senior senior (memang senior lah kiranya) joined us during F&G System discussion)

Day 8 : Wonder why I thought the work is hard and rough? Baru perasan am attach to machine control.MC ni adik beradik Rotary Equipment (Mech Eng) ye kawan-kawan.Patut pun.

Day 9 : Langit tak selalu cerah.. (well, literally and not)

Day 10 : The only way to know the dates is to look at the daily breakfast coupons! How pathetic. (Baru faham kenapa kerajaan ( kerajaan Kelantan start dulu..saye tahuu) bagi 2 hari public holiday setiap minggu. Kalo kerja berterusan boleh jadi merengg sedikit sebanyak.)

Day 11 : The best engineer do not require a first class degree. What matter most are positive attitude and the right mindset.

Day 12 : Malu tak bertempat adalah merugikan diri sendiri.Persetankan awkward stares itu!

Day 13 : First day puasa, Saturday and work...well its not that bad after all.

Day 14 : Sunday, finally offday! Tu pun sebab kerja ahead schedule and contractors yang request.Bestnya!Masa dihabiskan dengan berfaedah..Eheheh rehat di pagi hari dan ziarah Ramadhan di Kuala Segan di petang hari.Hey, engineer needs balance life okay.

Day 15 : Things get more interesting.Assigned real work although just simple loop checks. Simple??? Yes it is, although I need some time to actually understand when to close and open contact, conceptually.

Day 16 : Dah pandai wat kerja sendiri siap ignore mentor ku hahah.. padahal.. -_-(To maximize your learnings, you have to cari kerja and bug other people.I bugged everyone, especially the contractors and technicians.)

Day 17 : Walaupun simple loop checks lead to major discovery of wiring problem. This is a good thing being an engineer, you can see the result and impact of your own hard work,almost instantly.Doing management work?? You give your very best yet nobody notice (let alone acknowledge.Sedih kan?)

Day 18 : You are not a good engineer if you don't master technician's work, no?

Day 19 : If you determine to learn, you will get what you deserve. An engineer told me that it depends on you,whether you want to be an engineer with indepth knowledge or just to know the necessary.Both are still called engineers,anyway.

Day 20 : Travelling home. Yes,an engineer needs to get use to travelling, and consequently logistics booking,claims etc etc. My senior's remark on the only thing that people will master eventually without any proper training is to make claims. How true.

OK, I managed to finished the attachment, alhamdulillah.Although right after I landed, I was downed with fever for 2 days (my body was shocked of the change on daily ritual,maybe). But my objective to actually favour one option than another, which is to become normal executive or an engineer is not accomplish. I mean, I can't favour one over another, even after I went to attachment for the pros and cons that both has.But really, this is a very good experience and the one that I will treasure, and hope it will help (alot) in my career development.

After this much effort and soul searching, I will leave the rest to Allah and istikharah for the best.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2nd August.

2 August.

My brother discharged from hospital after being treated for dengue.Confirmed case okay! This was also the first time one of my immediate family member gets warded, well minus ibu-ibu bersalin dan si kecik yang pernah kena jaundice, so just imagine how gelabah everyone were. The best part is, 2 August was also his birthday. Haha might be one of his most memorable birthday after all.

Besides, on 2 August also marked the latest 85ers reunion at Usop's wedding in Wetlands, Putrajaya.Beautiful weather,sceneries and people.Congratulations, both :)

The unmistakable wedding crashers. Haha

pic credit to Usop's photographer, tagged to me in fb