Thursday, January 19, 2017

Senarai produk Freshpicks 2017

Inilah senarai produk Freshpicks ;)
Boleh tengok2 cuci mata dulu..
Kalau nak order boleh WA 019 3755133 terus atau order di kedai online :

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Freshpicks Arganne Face Oil Complex

OK harini nak cerita pengalaman sendiri pulak..

Last weekend pegi pantai..mmg best la pantai tak hingat main smpai tengah hari panas terik.. pastu mula la kulit sensitif sunburn siap dry spots lg... huhu mmg buruk gila rasanya

Pastu terus la treat pakai Freshpicks arganne face oil sampai sehari 2-3 kali hehe..malam2 apply face serum freshpicks jugak before face oil kemudian tido..

Now after 3 days dah nampak kurang sunburn n dry spots😘😘 

So siapa ada masalah mcm saya bolehlah cuba.Arganne face oil complex ni mengandungi 85% argan oil, jojoba oil, dan rosehip oil untuk menmbantu penyembuhan dan menyihatkan kulit 😎. 

Ramai jugak yang bertanya.. kulit berminyak sesuai ke pakai face oil ni? nanti makin berminyak pulak.. 

So saya sediakan template jawapan di bawah ye. Boleh share ngan kawan2 sekali okay!

Kulit kering : Minyak Argan berupaya merangsang kebolehan kulit utk memelihara kelembapan di dalam kulit. Kulit kering terhasil kerana SEBUM kurang di hasilkan, Argan Oil akan membantu mengimbangi penghasilan sebum di dalam kulit.

Kulit Sensitif : Biasanya mereka yg berkulit sensitif perlu mencuba sedikit dahulu sesetengah produk tetapi dengan Minyak Argan organic,RISIKO alergic tu agak rendah. Ia juga sesuai utk mereka yg menghidap masalah kulit seperti ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, DERMATITIS dan lain-lain. Ini kerana Minyak Argan kaya dengan ANTI INFLAMMATORY seperti ANTIOKSIDA dan VITAMIN E

Kulit Berminyak : bagi kulit berminyak, kulit MENGHASILKAN SEBUM secara berlebihan. Argan Oil berupaya mengawal penghasilan sebum di kulit supaya kulit kekal LEMBAP & LEMBUT

Kulit Kombinasi : Kulit kombinasi bermaksud sesetengah kawasan di muka sahaja seperti berminyak di hidung dan dahi dan kawasan lain agak kering. Minyak Argan akan mengimbangi penghasilan sebum di setiap kawasan muka ini supaya lebih sekata

Harga pulak sangat2 la berpatutan... nak beli set boleh, loose pon boleh. Tapi set of course lebih value for money la :)

1) Arganne face oil 15ml | RM59

2) PRIMO Set Basic (arganne face oil 15ml+face serum 5ml+milxo goatmilk soap) | RM99

3) PRIMO Set Exclusive (arganne face oil 15ml+face serum 5ml+milxo goatmilk soap + rosewater facemist 15ml+coffescrub 5g | RM130 (paling jimat berbaloi2!!)

WA 019 3755133 untuk order ya atau terus ke kedai online ai:

Akhir kata, stay beautiful naturally with Freshpicks :)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reminiscing 2016

Well, its been a while since I write my personal post here.

2016 was a colourful year.. and i hope 2017 will bring more good things ahead :)

My 2016 in a glance (if i can fairly summarize everything here) :

1. Since early of the year we attended the weekly kursus haji at the mosque near our house. We had appealed for Hajj this year after i declined the offer in 2014 due to pregnancy.. however His plan superseded all plans. We were not selected - nak dijadikan sebab adalah my appeal letter was missing/did not reach Tabung Haji! Well maybe belum rezeki.Tahun ni kami akan cuba lagi :)

2. My company's major restructuring that affected our job scope and way we do things. In a nutshell, we need to do more work with less resource. A number of friends got laid off.. so things were not the same again.

3. Slow global economy and low oil prices affected our lifestyle too.. we tend to be more prudent and cautious with our spending.

4. Our family trip to KK and Kundasang was the highlight of our family event. KK was SO HOT at that time while Kundasang's whether is worth the 3 hours hilly and bumpy ride!! We got to view Kinabalu Mountain every day, thanks to the clear air and good weather. We can even see the mountain peak post earthquake (tanah runtuh and different peak shape was evident).

5. Kids are getting bigger and cheekier.. Amna is certainly everybody's sweetheart, while Adni makin besar makin clingy and mengada :P Managed to completely wean her off in few days before the year ends.. so she is a proud wean off child at 2 years n 1 month. Not so far from my target (2 years)

6. Adni has severe eczema since Sept and we were in constant battle with her eczema which sometime makes both of us tired and cranky at the same time. Mind you its not easy to see your child constantly scratching hard her hand and legs until it bleeds.. and then we moisturized and applied medicine only to see her scratch again and the cycle continues. We met countless doctors and dermatologists. We learnt new type of treatment like wet wraps... we even tried many type of moisturizer and medicine just to see which suit her best. Our current favourite now is Mustela brand range.. it suits Adni very well. Cuma harga nya tak berapa suit Mommy's pocket huhu mahal gila! But not the most expensive in town i guess. You can find the products in Mothercare or selected pharmacies including Prince Court Hospital's.

And finally during our last visit, doctor prescribes antibiotics and antivirus since she might had infections due to constant scratching and perhaps contact with people/surroundings.. her condition improved a bit now. Owh just to share once we brought her to the beach and bath her with seawater, and her scars healed like magic. Maybe we should go to the beach more often.

7. I cooked more. Yeay!

8. I completed reading 10 books this year, so yeay!! Do you know that on average each Malaysian only read just 2 books per year, so I am above par i guess :P

9. I joined a whatsapp group that tracked daily Quran reading.. so more or less improve the frequency of my Quran recitation. Although i need to admit that i am quite lagged behind due to the time of the month and also, not proud to admit that some days i am too tired/busy to recite. Need to improve more in 2017.

10. I forgot this point earlier  but among the best thing happened in 2016 was I met Freshpicks and instantly fell in love with the product range. It is home made with love by my uni senior and using premium ingredients.. if you are like me who dream to make your own skincare to ensure the best ingredients to be used to your skin.. then Freshpicks is the best for you. Seriously! I really enjoyed the homemade soaps that is enriched with essential oils.. wangi sangat. Not to mention my most awaited product -homemade deodorant!!! OK i can rant for 10 pages about Freshpicks alone, so i better stop here. Dont worry i will be updating about Freshpicks from time to time :)
 May you to had a great 2016 and may 2017 be better.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vanilla latte Body Scrub

Untuk penggemar kopi, Freshpicks ada produk Vanilla Latte Body scrub dan Coffee Soap tau :)
Produk2 berasaskan kopi sangat sesuai sebagai ejen de-stress selepas penat seharian bekerja dan/atau melakukan tugas harian.. dengan bau yang sangat best (ever wonder kenapa ramai yang addicted to coffee??) dan mampu membersihkan kulit dan membangkitkan seri secara semulajadi (natural glow) :)

Antara bahan2 premium yang digunakan dan fungsi2 nya :

Pure Coconut Oil – Minyak kelapa berfungsi melembapkan kulit dan menyuburkan kesihatan kulit
Castor Oil – Castor oil adalah minyak yang sangat bagus untuk menyamakan tona kulit.
Coffee- Caffeine ada efek perangsang untuk menegangkan kulit, merawat selulit,juga kaya khasiat untuk anti antiaging
Sugar- Mungkin ramai yang belum tahu, gula sangat bagus sebagai ejen pengelupasan yg lembut pada kulit dan mampu membersihkan sel2 kulit mati.
Vanilla extracts – sebagai aromaterapi,meredakan stress,kurangkan mual(jika hamil), anti inflamasi,kaya vit B untuk mencerahkan kulit

Dapatkan body scrub Freshpicks sekarang :) Cuma RM15 untuk 50 gram.. boleh tahan sampai 4-6 bulan tau!

Cod available in KLCC/Setiawangsa | Postage fee : RM 8 (SM) / RM12 (EM)

WA sekarang 019 3755 133 ataupun layari untuk pembelian online.

Love lots from your beauty agent!