Sunday, November 27, 2016

Must have beauty travel kit


If you are:

1.Frequent travellers for work or social
2.Mother with small kids
3.Has sensitive skin and hair that needs frequent care
4.Curious and lost of selection to try Freshpicks products
5.Just want to be pretty with premium products but reasonable price 😉

Feel and 'taste' Freshpicks all time best seller products in one travelsize set!

Consists of:
1.cherry beauty facial soap (enrich with lime oil,aloevera,olive oil and may doubles as facial and body soap
2.irresistable lip color(tinted lipbalm to compliment your light make up and can treat chapped,dry lips)
3.ultramoisturizer lotion (as multipurpose cream to heal rashes,cracked heels,insect bites and mild eczema)
4.solid perfume (as your emergency perfume-must always have in handbag!)
5.100% pure argan oil (to tame frizzy hair and smoothen skin)


I have ready stocks if you want to try out! Whatsapp 019 3755133 for inquiries and orders 😊

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sweet like hany!

New release!
Because you're sweet like honey, we produce Hanybee set  especially for you which contains organic honey soap,oat+ honey scrub+organic argan oil.
Honey is a good natural remedies to nourish and repair your skin inside out
Also best to treat acne and great for sensitive skin.
Only RM55/set
COD in KLCC/Setiawangsa or add RM8 (Peninsula Malaysia) / RM12 (Sabah/Sarawak) for postage fees.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter


Mentega koko (Cocoa butter) diekstrak daripada biji koko atau kekacang koko. Ianya berwarna kuning krim, mentega koko asli adalah semata-mata mentega koko dalam bentuknya yang mentah dan sangat kaya dengan khasiat.

Tidak seperti metega koko ditapis, mentega koko yang diperolehi daripada kaedah Pure Prime Pressed (PPP) dapat mengekalkan bau yang kaya dengan coklat berserta memastikan semua kebaikan semula jadinya dikekalkan.

Kebiasaannya ia digunakan untuk memberi lebih khasiat kepada  bibir atau lipbalm, mentega badan (body butter), sentalan badan (body scrub) dan losyen. Sangat baik untuk kulit yang kering, mempunyai tanda calar pada kulit dan kulit yang sensitif.
Mentega koko akan cair dalam suhu kulit.

PPP  ini diperbuat daripada bahan-bahan yang bukan GMO dengan kaedah pensterilan berwap dan diproses selaras dengan Amalan Pengilangan Yang Baik (Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP) dan HACCP kawalan keselamatan makanan (HACCP).

Tahukah anda, produk freshpicks menggunakan PPP Cocoa butter sebagai ramuan premium untuk produk kami seperti

Irresistible Lip Treatment
Ultra moisturizer

Sebab itu ramai yang memberi feedback yang positif apabila menggunakan freshpicks

Kebaikan Mentega koko (Cocoa butter):

Antioksidan yang hebat
Kulit yang lembut, berseri, dan licin
Mengurangkan tanda calar, parut dan jerawat
Melegakan ekzema dan psoriasis
Melegakan dermatitis atau ruam
Menghidrat kulit secara mendalam
Menyembuhkan kulit sensitif
Mengurangkan parut
Menguatkan rambut yang rosak


Monday, November 21, 2016

100% Pure Argan Oil

Mencari2 organik Argan Oil?

Kami di Freshpicks ada dua versi :
Argan oil kedua2 versi pun merupakan organik imported dari Morocco.. CUMA

Yang ni 100% organik tanpa campuran minyak lain dan masih ada bau asal,tiada bahan kimia atau tidak dideodorize(nyahbau). Bau asal yakni bau kacang argan tu.. lemak2 kekacang.

Yang ni pun 100% organik Argan oil juga, cuma kami add a little bit jojoba oil,rosehipseed oil,essential oil seperti geranium, frankincense, teatree,dsb jadi bau dia wangi. Bau wangi bukan pewangi sintetik tapi bau dari pati essential oil. Kandungan argan dlm ni sekitar 90%.

Boleh pilih ikut kesesuaian dan bajet

Kerana kedua2nya  boleh digunakan  untuk skin/hair/body/nails/etc cuma yang ada tambahan carrier oil dan essential oil mempunyai khasiat tambahan

HARGA PENGENALAN until further notice

Arganne Oil Complex(100% organic argan oil+ apricot kernel oil,jojoba oil,rosehip seed oil,essential oil)

RM49(15ml) RM79(30ml), RM119(50ml)

100% Organic pure Argan Oil
Retail RM39(15ml) RM69(30ml), RM109(50ml)

Comment/ whatsapp 019 3755133 to order ye :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Finally.. my own Freshpicks online shop!

Hi all

Feel free to drop by to my Freshpicks online shop for easier and hassle free to purchase any Freshpicks products :)

Stay beautiful naturally with Freshpicks :)

Love, Shahira I.

Friday, November 18, 2016

5 reasons why our deodorant is best selling item


Let me share with you 5 reasons why you should try Freshpicks deodorant,if you have yet to try one:

1.It is safe and using natural ingredients.No aluminium parabens and other harmful chemicals.

2.It smells fresh and nice..although abit sticky when you apply,it will dry up instantly and last all day.Even if you have to walk or work under the sun. can last up to 3 months since you just need to calit a little bit.

4.Here's the best part.Since it is safe you can use it anyday or night,even at home.Dulu2 i never use deodorant at home sebab tahu kandungan yang sgt bahaya tapi back then tak byk option kan.So mak2 ni kan superman buat 8 kerja at one time and tak mungkin la tak berpeluh and bau ohmy...haa ape kau tak berpeluh kat rumah..kau mmg alien haha.So sekarang saya adelah superman wangi walau di rumah.yeayyy

5.It is small and can fit your handbag..dont ever leave home without one!!

6.I said 5 but i have sixth point here. Since we still have promo buy 2 deodorants at RM50 and get free post+free gift... you really should try now.Banyak tu bole save!

So meh la try ye. Whatsapp 0193755133 okay.Cod available in KLCC/Setiawangsa area.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Paed Dermatologist' advice for Eczema Prone Children

Last weekend i brought Adni to meet a paediatric dermatologist for the first time...just to look for other opinions regarding her eczema.Usually we just went to her paed and get the usual medicine supplies.Recently she was having continuous flares for quite some time that makes me think to get another expert's opinion.She was restless,cranky and scratching non stop until her skin bleeds.

And the fact that i myself was quite anxious and rimas with her neverending scratching. So when i brought her to her last vax schedule, her paed suggested to see the new visiting paed dermatologist consultant in PCMC, Dr Sabeera Begum.FYI she is a specialist in HKL and only have clinic sessions in PCMS on Saturdays. Being an eczema patient myself, I think this session i had with Dr Sabeera is an eye opener and helps to manage my eczema prone children (and mine and my hubby!) better.

So just thought of summarizing the advice that we got from Dr Sabeera for my own reference and for other eczema patient parents out there :

1 The first question i asked the doctor, why are kids nowadays are prone to eczema?
She said it has something to do with kids nowadays are `too clean'.. they are not used to playing in mud, water puddles, grass etc hence their immune system does not tolerate with the `dirty' environment. Hence the system is always on alert and sometimes identify even dust and heat as 'potential danger' hence triggers eczema to some kids.Overtime, the eczema will normally subside when the immune system is relax and used to the environment.

2. Generally the eczema patient needs this combo to keep moisturizing the skin : special wash (non soap base) + moisturizer + medicine (be it steroid/non steroid) and a strict schedule. Moisturizer can be applied 3-4 times a day, while wash and medicine shall be used twice a day.

3.When you see the eczema subsides from the skin after 2-3 days, DON'T STOP applying the combo until the itchiness subsides and gone. Usually this takes about 2-3 weeks. However you can reduce the frequency of applying the medicine ointment i.e from twice a day to once a day, then gradually stop after 3 weeks.

4.Is topical steroid safe for kids? Generally it is safe if you use it the correct way, and ask your doctor first since steroid creams had several types; from mild until potent and super potent. Usually the ones prescribed for children is mild until potent. If your child had a severe eczema flares and moisturizer/non steroid cream does not work, you are obliged to reduce it by what ever ways, parents. Some anti histamine also available in syrup form - ask your doctor to find out more. 

5.If your child is having severe eczema, it is advised to get ointment type rather than cream type since cream requires more preservatives that might not be good for your child's skin.

6.Parents need to be patient, patient and more patient (i'm talking to my self, really).Treating eczema needs about 2-3 weeks and no certain medicine will make the overnight wonders.

7.If you want some guide on the available products, here are some suggestions :

i. Wash - use old fashion homemade soap (like Freshpicks Criansa Soap for kids, or goat's milk soap) or special non soap body wash i.e QV moisturize wash/Cetaphil for kids. Avoid commercial soap! 

ii. Moisturizer - organic balms (my favourite is Earth Mama Angel baby bottom balm or Freshpicks ultramoisturizer), coconut oil/olive oil/shea butter or QV intensive moisturizer. Avoid watery lotion/cream as much as possible.

iii.Medicine - steroid type includes Hydrocortisone (mild), Elomet (potent). non steroid type includes Protopic (but it is deemed mild - does not work for my kid.And super expensive too!). You need to try and error to know which product suits your kids skin and condition.

8.Keep your child clean and ensure their surrounding is clean and cool - wipe the excess food/saliva from her/his face as it might trigger flares as well. If possible get an air purifier.

Usually the eczema will subside as they grow up, so less thing to worry about, parents :)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

My own experience using Primo

|My first hand experience  with Primo|

I pernah ade this sceptical perception about face oil sebelum ni.. mungkin  sebab too used too moisturizer only.but i want to try something more to enrich the when Freshpicks Primo set was launched in early Oct, I tried the set which consists of Argan face oil,hyaluronic acid+vit c serum, goat milk facesoap &  chocofee scrub.

After 2 weeks of consistenly using the set, i really can relate to this customer's feedback.The nutty argan smell and oil lathers your skin and it feels... rich! Really mmg best perasaan dia. You should try it yourself 😊

The face serum pulak can doubles as eye serum. I inherits a natural eyebags (sedey i know) but i dont like using  concealer or spot corrector. so eye serum and face serum dan macam my     daily needs haha so  Freshpicks serum works great! Dah la with affordable price..double love💕💕

Then as usual after that time of the month mula la naik pimples seperti cendawan lepas hujan. With consistent usage of Primo set I can see that even the dark spots and pimple scars cepat pudar 😁 Siapa tak suka kan😘

Cume if you have extra dry skin like mine, i prefer to use moisturizer first before the face oil for optimum result.

Marilah cuba Primo Set ni sementara promo masih ada+ free postage lagi.


Whatsapp 019 3755133 for inquiries and order yea!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Apa beza toner, moisturizer dan serum?

Ni saya share cara mudah saya membezakan ketiga2 benda ni :

Definasi :

Toner adalah untuk membersikan kulit dan mengecilkan pori2 muka. So it is an essential first step of face care regime selepas membasuh muka

Moisturizer mempunyai molekul lebih besar dari serum. Ia membentuk barrier untuk mengurangkan proses kehilangan air atau dehydration dari kulit kita. Boleh dipakai dua kali sehari untuk kesan lebih optimum.

Serum ni molekulnya lebih kecil dari moisturizer maka ia boleh bertindak pantas memasukkan unsur2 tertentu terus ke kulit kita jauh ke dalam lapisan kulit. Jadi ia sangat sesuai untuk treat masalah2 urgent dan important anda contohnya untuk hilangkan garis2 halus dan panda eyes.
Antara unsur yg sangat bagus sebagai serum adalah vitamin c yang boleh menganjalkan kulit, dan hyaluronic acid yang boleh menambah moisture dan mencantikkan kulit.

Cara2 nak pakai :

toner >serum>moisturizer

If you skip any of them, please follow the turutan ye.

Soalan2 FAQ seterusnya semestinya adalah :


If you ask me, jawapan saya yes. Sebab saya dah experience few years skipping toner sebab rasa macam tak penting je huhu... tapi bila saya start pakai toner i think it leaves better effect to my skin. So now i continue pakai toner prior to serum and moisturizer.


Jawapan mudah adalah... kalau kulit you tak bermasalah, cantik mulus gebu..tak payah pakai serum pun takpe. Especially kalau anda baru belasan tahun.. tak payah pun pakai sebab kulit you tengah cantik. In fact elakkan pakai banyak sgt skin care ye.. pakai yang organik dan nipis2 sahaja. Sayang kalau kulit muda2 dan rosak.

Tapi biasanya bermula dari umur 30 tahun ke atas.. anda akan perasan perubahan kulit dan mulalah mencari macam2 produk penjagaan kulit utk mencantikkan kulit :) Macam saya pun after 30 years old baru la saya mula pakai serum. Lagipun my skin jenis sensitive and super dry.. hence serum sangat diperlukan. Cuma serum ni texture dia a bit oily and pakai sekali sehari je sebelum tidur.


Pun boleh kalau nak.. tapi serum ni generally harga lebih mahal dari moisturizer :) So up to you.

Sekian simple beautytips by your trusted beauty agent :P

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Great news for Freshpicks lovers!

For those who longed to try Freshpicks.....


Free postage for all of these items!
Grab now before its too late!
Offer valid from 9 Nov to 30 Nov only :)

Hurry up! Whatsapp 019 3755133 for inquiries and order.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Kaolin clay


Kaolin Clay (tanah liat kaolin)

Tanah liat Kaolin (Tanah Liat Kosmetik Putih) sering digunakan dalam pembuatan sabun, skrub, deodorant, pupur muka. Ianya salah satu tanah liat yang paling bagus dan tidak terlalu kuat.

Sesuai untuk kulit sensitif yang membantu menyingkirkan bendasing, menstimulasi peredaran, mengelupas dan membersih.

Sesuai untuk kulit kering kerana ia tidak akan menghakis minyak semulajadi kulit.

Juga popular kerana kebolehannya memberikan bau yang lebih wangi.

Antara rangkaian produk freshpicks yang menggunakan kaoilin clay adalah

Refreshing Deodorant (available & best seller)
Scrub, Sabun (coming soon)

Whatsapp 0193755133 for info and order.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Freshpicks flash promo - 3 Nov 2016

☇☇|Freshpicks flash promo|☇☇

Any COD orders received today will be entitled to free sample size Grapefruit Bodyscrub* 😘😘

Grapefruit bodyscrub will help to scrap your dead cells and leave your skin smooth and smelling sweet like grapefruit❤ Great as aromatherapy to relax your body after a tiring day!

Cod available on KLCC/Setiawangsa area 😃

Whatsapp 0193755133 /pm for inquiries and order😄😄

*free sample while stock last

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I am a proud Ambivert

Definition of ambivert. : a person having characteristics of both extrovert and introvert.

I came across to an article in facebook today, about ambivert... and I am so happy at last i belong to a group. Hahaaaa

All this while i thought i am a weirdo.. I love socialising but at times i just love to be alone. Back in school, i was always in a group of girls. Primary school, secondary school and even in uni days :) i always always make sure i was not alone, even eating alone made me feels like i am a loser.

But when i grow older, i feel the need to be alone once in a while. i learn to enjoy alone time in public, like reading in bookstores, or eat at my favourite sushi joints, or just strolling/jogging in the park alone. But at the same time i always need to subscribe to a society, or clubs or group of people with same interests...which are beyond my circle of friends.... :) My current interest group includes this one ladies NGO, charity and latest is Freshpicks family :p But as usual, i need to have my me time once in a while to re energize and self motivate myself. 

So does the above made me an ambivert? :P