Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My favourite: FP travel set

Siapa nak travel wajin bawak ni tau! Benda2 yg perlu ada kalau nk travel.ingat lagi dulu2 asyik lupa bawak lipbalm wo beli je apa2 yg ade kt tmpt org...sometimes x best pon tp sebab terpaksa pakai je lah.hehe
Size pun comel2 so sesuai sgt letak kt handluggage😁

RM50 sahaja utk 3 barang (facial soap,lipbalm,footcream) dan dapatkan FREE soapcase (water resistant tauuu)

Cepat whatsapp sha nowww 0193755133

Friday, August 19, 2016


My current passion..
Because skincare and makeups are like therapy to me (and i believe to most women too)..
Because office workload are so overwhelming these days that i need a destressing activity in midst of this chaos.. and that always means trying new things (coz im adventurous liddat)
Because my skin is supersensitive and relied too much on overpriced commercial products which made me think,hey,lets find a safer,local products that contained premium quality ingredients with AFFORDABLE price, and suitable for sensitive skin.i'm sure there is one out there.
And now i found the ONE. 
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Freshpicks lipbalm

Try this at RM17/pc.
Whatsapp 0193755133 for inquiries,orders and dropship opportunity

Monday, August 08, 2016

Senarai harga produk FP (Aug 2016)

Senarai harga produk  #Freshpicks :
  1.CBS= Cherrybeauty Soap RM25/pc
2.CRIANSA Kidsoap RM12/pc
3.Cherrybeauty LIPBALM FORDRYLIPS RM17/pc
4.Cherrybeauty Tinted Lipmoist RM39
6.CCS= Cherish Cherry Skincare (dua soap, 1 signature cream, 1 skinbeauty DD cream) RM130
7.set EVA (starter set) - 1 cherrybeauty soap + 1 irresistible lip treatment RM45
8.set ELSA (starter set) mengandungi 1 cherrybeauty soap + 1 tinted lip moist  RM65
9.SET EZZAVIA (lip care set) mengandungi 1 lipbalm fordrylips + 1 tinted lip moist
10.SET MAYA (facebeauty set) mengandungi 1 set CCS + 1 irresistible lip treatment (3units,3diff color)RM149
11.SET MIRISTIC (facebeauty set) mengandungi 1 set CCS +1 tinted lip moist RM169
12.Set Haji/Umrah -1 lipbalm fordrylips + 1 cherrybeautysoap + 1 footcream/cracked heel cream RM50
13.SET CRIANSA (set kanak-kanak) -1 criansa kid soap + 1lipbalmfordrylips RM25
14.SET Irresistible lip treatment - 3pcs,3 different color RM59
Price dia mungkin agak mahal kalau u alls compare dgn harga brg2 kt drugstore/pharmacy..tapi sila compare apple to apple yea.u should compare ngn the bodysh*p..loccitan*..crabtre* gitu..kan ke affordable Freshpicks nie
Whatsapp i for inquiries and order yeaa
Sha 019 3755133

Friday, August 05, 2016

Siapa yg patut try #Freshpicks Natural Skincare?

If you are safe &natural skincare lover..
Atau yg gila set2 comel kecik2 sesuai letak dlm bag utk travel (atau susun atas meja solek and tenung je lama2 hahah)..
Atau yg asyik kena layan anak2 dara kecik nak try lipstick la..powder la nk mekap sekali :p
Atau yg mencari2 giftset comel utk hadiahkan kat anak2,or parents,or kawan2..
Oryg kerjanya asyik siggah butik the bodysh*p,loccitan*e and crabtr*e&evelyn..
Macam SAYA..(yes i lah org2 tersebut)
You should try #Freshpicks products!Selamat,natural dan affordable..kalau termakan pon takpe(jangan la sengaja makan kan).
Pm or whatssapp me ay 019 3755133 for order cepat! #codklcc #codkeramat #codsetiawangsa available
Semua pembelian RM69 ke atas akan dpt freegifts yea.Produk homemade so limited stock available 

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Freshpicks KL - August new launch

Still about Freshpicks..Ni set2 baru launch for August especially for you (refer to pics below).I think everyone should try since the product is safe for you and even for your baby.Me and my girls love it..we can play dress up and make up together since it contains no harmful chemicals!

Try it to believe it..whatsapp me (sha) at 019 3755133 😁

Some of the items are limited since it is handmade so they come in small quick pm me for inquiries and order!

Kids set (1 criansa soap,1 lipbalm+pretty box-suitable as gift) - RM25/set
Haji/Elderly Set (cherry beauty soap,1 foot cream/cracked heel cream(choose 1),1 lipbalm) - RM50/set
Our best sellers -cherry beauty soap RM25/pc
Summary price for Sets items