Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mencari Hang Jebat

My adventure to search for Hang Jebat resulted to a mixed reactions out of curiousity, anxiety, determination and tiredness-all at the same time. At least I successfully found him after the second attempt.
I search in the net, and was sure on the direction to meet him. I know I am quite good at navigation (ehem, you should to realise your own strongest point, I mean who else should?) and am convinced that I will find the way on my own. But during the final research somebody told me the nearest meetpoint was Plaza Rakyat and he will be just few hundred metres away. What it did not say is, no decent road is available to reach him and a huge hill is the one that parted them away!

So on a bright, sunny day during lunch hour, while the Muslim men are getting prepared for prayer, I started my quest. As usual I searched for signboards but nothing lead to Hang Jebat. I asked a lady bus conductor and she generously (and confidently) described the direction.I followed it obediently just to found that I was directed to a wrong place with almost similar name! I looked around and found Tun Perak, but he's not the one that I wanted to see. My eyes shine when I meet Hang Lekiu, as my common sense told me that Hang Jebat's clan will obviously be a few yards away from his friend, no? But unfortunately, again he's no where to be found. Where are you, Jebat??

After a few dialogues with the locals and three times being directed to the wrong way, I realised I've been wandering around for more than an hour already. With an empty stomach,sweat-drenched clothes and realising the lunch hour is about to end, I know I need to call it a day. I hate mission unaccomplished, though. Hence I went out to again, later that day. This time, I am more equipped and did detail research, hoping I won't come back empty handed again.

So eventually, my initial hunch-before any research was made- was right, birds of same feathers flock together. I found Hang Jebat together with his best friend, Hang Tuah.Side by side, enjoying each other's company. All this despite their infamous fight that happened hundred of years ago in Melaka. And most importantly, my mission accomplished, Alhamdulillah.

It is funny to think that this whole effort is just to collect a small token that is worth not more than RM50...I will always remember this experience.

p/s: If you are puzzled with the whole post, I actually referred the pahlawan Melaka to the road names in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, around Pudu area. Note that all traveling was made via public transport and by foot. Well, Kuala Lumpur is such an interesting place to explore, indeed :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of IB, married-single and 3S

Finally, I managed to set my foot at the sensational Istana Budaya last Wednesday with couple of friends.The facilities is satisfying and the interior is fabulous, I guess it matched the name perfectly.
The play was entertaining and hilarious, thanks to Nabil. I think most of his lawak menjadi dalam cerita ni.. so boleh la you all pergi tengok tanpa skeptical thoughts at the back of our head. Yang lain2 is commendably good as usual, they were good actor/actress by the way. At one time I wish Awie would sing his songs with Wings rather than the songs designed for the play...
Again, Hazel was the one initiated this activity. Perhaps due to our disappointment over the previous experience, haha. Just look at the difference of ticket price and venues, dear :p However I still have a dream to watch FT's buah tangan in IB. Masih berharap agar ia menjadi kenyataan :) Pray with me, people.I am always a fan of plays that touches heart and perhaps can change people's lives.
So yes, as you can see, despite the ordinary commitments that fills my weekdays, I do keep myself busy. I mean, I really plan for my days to be filled with something beneficial. Among others, I managed to increase the frequency of running at the park- from a few times per month to once per week (yet to achieve 3 times per week! bajet busy woman konon :p) I also sempat ke Spa for a great bubble bath experience with affordable price. I even plan to participate in a running event but got cancelled due to the absence of the other half :( (next time ye, dear!)~ And some volunteerily projects, small fund raising for the community, and other activities as usual, tambahan pula Ramadhan is just around the corner.
Hence, being a currently married-single wife is not so devastating after all.Oh ok tipu. Mestila sedihkan at first.Padahal bukan first time kena tinggal pun..tapi masih sedih kerana kali ni kena tinggal lebih lama. Ok whatever :p . Kesimpulannya I nak cakap, memang ramai weekend, monthly and even yearly wives out there kan...Just to share on the tips I get from a magazine - 3S - Syukur, Sibuk, Sihat. So jangan sedih2, keep yourself busy with alot of things. Cuma if you've kids then you don't really have that diversities in doing various activities la..:) But still, enjoy yourself and keep closer to the AlMighty, insya Allah you'll be fine:)
 The irony part is, the 3S concept is originally to cope up with `hidup bermadu'. But it is still applicable sebab konsepnya masih sama kan, married-single life, no? Ok no further comment, I rest my case :p

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lalala laionn

Eh, ke rimau?
As people always said, `Looks can be deceiving'.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We are not saints

I am not the type who would be deep in hatred and blame everyone else except myself, when I face this kind of situation.

Nor the type who quickly find other people and offer them a defensive speech, so that I'll be having my own army as well.

I am the type that just swallowed, accept it as my weakness and fate, and move on to improve further.

Although sessions of tears and consolation words from the closer ones really helped a lot.

Revenge, however is totally out of question.

But, it is always tempting to ask these people who love to talk behind our back;

What is wrong with individual discussion to clear the murky water?

Why don't you reflect your actions, your words, your treatment to others, too?

You are not saints either, my dear.


 Why can't everyone embrace the concept of forgive and forget?

Well, the answer is obvious.

We are not saints.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Broadband daily rates

Finally I got rid of the monthly broadband subscription and got the daily ones.
But I am adjusting to the slow speed..they never told me that RM6/day gets the slowest available speed rate. But atleast it is stable, taklah DC manjang.
So eventually I can save more than 70% of my previous monthly cost, provided I stick with the planned daily usage of 5 days/month.
Yes, cost reduction, I like.
Hah 5 days je?Ape susah, I can still online in the office or at my parents' home yang pakai wireless broadband aduih jeles. Or wifi at major outlets around KL.Cybercafe is soo yesterday (gelakkan seseorang tu yg terfikir nak gi CC apabila broadband modem i tertinggal di rumah parents suatu masa dulu)
Any other better deal from other telecomm provider that you know, please share ya. I'm interested in mobile usage only, wimax pimax takmain.
ok bai

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today, another of my friend left the company.
Yep, not the department or the subsidiary,but the company.
But lucky her, she wasn't tied to the bond.
Or atleast I hope she was not.
Nevertheless, other friend just left with or without the bond.
If there were, they just find ways to repay.
While the others can't seem to imagine life without working for the company.
And few other contemplating but still could not make up their mind until now.
My point is, everyone choose their own path with our reasons and own priorities. And obviously, one's priority is different than the other.
While consciously or not, the path was determined by Allah ever since before we were born.
So be grateful, and stop judging.
Cheers and good luck, friend.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dialog dengan pelancong Indonesia

Tempat dan masa :Semasa berjalan pulang ke tempat letak kereta lepas habis kerja,5.56 petang.
Situasi : Sekeluarga pelancong dari Indonesia berjalan perlahan dan mendekati saya.

Pelancong(Ayah) : Maaf Mbak, bisa tanya enggak?
Saya : Boleh, boleh..
Pelancong(Ayah) : Jalan ke sini boleh ke tempat menunggu teksi enggak?
Saya : Oh..kalau nak ke taxi stand (tetiba I cakap English) di depan sana ada..(sambil tunjuk arah KLCC).Nak pergi mana ya?
Pelancong(Ayah) : Kami nak ke Pasar Seni..jauh enggak?
Saya : Ooh pasar seni..senangnya naik LRT(muka mereka blank) train..boleh terus ke Pasar Seni.Kalau naik teksi takutnya jam.
Pelancong(Ayah) : Jam tu apa?
Pelancong(anak2) : Jam tu macet pak..
Saya : (haah macam penah dengar abah cakap macet tu maksudnye traffic jam,belajar masa di Jakarta) haa iya, macet..Lagi bagusnya naik train (perasan tak I dah ikut slang Indon.Mudah terpengaruh betul)
Pelancong(Ayah) : Ohh..tapi kalau train pun ramai orang sekarang ni
Saya : Iya ramai orang (cam tak tau je time orang balik kerja sekarang ni)..Tapi kalau masih mahu naik teksi boleh tunggu di sana ya (tunjuk lagi arah depan KLCC)
Pelancong(Ayah) : Ok..lagi satu Pasar Seni tutup pukul berapa ya?
Saya : Err emm, tak tahu laa..rasanya dalam pukul 8 tapi tak pasti la..hehe
Pelancong(Ayah dan Emak) : Ok terima kasih ya..
Saya : Ehehe sama2...

1.Seingat saya, saya tak pernah pergi/masuk ke bangunan Central Market.Selalunya turun di stesen itu utk pergi meeting di Dayabumi sahaja
2.Siapa tahu Central Market tutup pukul berapa??
3.Baru perasan,kalau pergi negara orang tu sampai pasar ikan ngan pasar malam diorang pun kita pergi..tapi negara sendiri ada pasar seni tak pernah pergi..adess

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Menonton Ghadir Khum

Alhamdulillah, berjaya menonton Kopitiam Ghadir.

Telah menjumpai jalan ke Muzium Telekom tetapi terlepas simpang untuk meletak kereta di Jalan Gereja.Sebab banyak jalan sehala, telah tersesat sampai Jalan Pudu dan telah marah-marah sebab jem rupanya hanya roadblock malam Sabtu. Terima kasih kepada BB 3G Hazel, Google maps yang bertindak bagai GPS telah menyelamatkan kami.Berjaya tiba di Muzium telekom pada jam 8.40pm, cuak kerana takut tidak dibenarkan masuk padahal persembahan belum dimulakan. Sempat meng`usya' telefon lama dan radio pertama digunakan di Malaya.
Ini pengalaman pertama kami menonton teater, maka sudah pasti set setaraf IB lengkap pentas bergerak atau MPO yang eksklusif menjadi bayangan. Namun sangkaan meleset kerana pentas hanyalah ruang `corner' muzium dengan props sederhana, dengan kerusi plastik 3 baris untuk penonton. Humble set, I suppose. Oh, sudahkah saya mengatakan `tiket' masuk adalah berupa booklet tentang teater ini?Lengkap dengan hadis yang dirujuk dan dialog para pelakon, serta lirik lagu yang mengiringi persembahan.Interesting indeed.
Secara keseluruhannya, persembahan menarik, sederhana namun menghiburkan. Dialog kelakar yang penuh makna, dengan empat karakter berwarna-warni dan hadis dirujuk lengkap dengan kitab dan matannya menyebabkan teater ini penuh makna dan tidak kosong. Menariknya, semua pelakon memakai jersi pada malam itu,mungkin seiring dengan demam Piala Dunia semasa.Teater ini adalah teater muzikal, maka dialog diserikan dengan lagu memuji Rasulullah dan keluarganya kedengaran segar,mungkin kerana lagu-lagu ini semuanya dicipta sendiri dan belum dikomersialkan.Cuma, saya agak berharap irama yang dibawakan lebih kontemporari untuk menarik minat anak-anak muda, kerana kebanyakannya bersifat irama malaysia dan tipikal nasyid.Irama joget pun ada..meriah kan?
Jadi pementasan sejam suku tidak begitu lama dirasakan.Tahniah kepada FT dan team Revolusi Pembudayaan Selawat (RPS) atas inisiatif mendekati masyarakat melalui wadah seni sebegini.Setidaknya, penonton seperti saya akan semakin rajin membuka lembaran sejarah tentang Ghadir Khum yang merupakan antara peristiwa penting dalam sirah Nabi.Untuk tuan puan yang kurang mengetahui, di Ghadir Khum inilah Rasulullah berhenti rehat selepas mengerjakan haji terakhir dalam perjalanan pulang ke Madinah dan telah diriwayatkan satu hadis semasa di tempat kejadian.
Harapan saya agar karya-karya penuh mesej Islamik sebegini akan diangkat oleh penganjur berbajet tinggi dan dipentaskan di tempat berprestij seperti IB,MPO dan seangkatan dengannya.Rasanya lebih berbaloi menaja inisiatif begini daripada menaja team bola sepak yang tidak konsisten persembahannya (hanya contoh, tiada kaitan yang hidup atau mati).