Monday, June 22, 2009

Voucher, anyone?

Dear all, if you/you know someone who want/need this, just let me know. Voucher valid from 01/07/09 - 31/08/09, delivery in KLCC only.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blissfully married Couples

As usual, ramai mintak gamba kawen yg I attended last few weeks. So I letak sini lah ye. Pandai2 save sendiri okk.. :)
K Sumay's



The singlesss @ Tiey's..(eheh.except Afidah yg tertinggal husband kat umah)
There is one wedding yang I tak sempat amik gambar pengantin sebab rushing pi kenduri lain, which is Ina's.Alaa regret sangat, people said they looked adorable :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awed by Tash

As usual, tonight i flipped through The Sun and it was among my few rare occasion of reading a newspaper from cover to cover(except on weekends,when I have all the time in the world to digest the contents). On the page of top ten hot seller books listed by The Borders, I noticed two books being listed by the same author, Tash Aw.

Wait..Tash who?

He is a Malaysian,literally, although was born in Taipei by Malaysian parents and experienced living in many part of the world. Two books as hot sellers at one time, this guy must be good. According to the article, he spent five and four years to complete each books.
The first book, Harmony silk factory was set in World War Two in Perak,whereas the second book, Map in of the Invisible World was set duirng a Confrontation period in Indonesia around 1960's. I read a brief synopsis of the second book and it sounds very impressive. About two boys, Adam and Johan whom were sent to orphanage by their mother and later separated as Johan was adopted by a Malaysian couple while Adam was taken by a Dutchman and continue his life in Indonesia. Tash later captured Adam's journey dealing with many difficultied especially in adapting in terms of skin colour and heritage. To quench the thirst of my secret passion in history(sometimes laa pun), I guess I will head to major bookstore and get my hands on the book,perhaps.
Lagipun ni menyahut cabaran AKJ yang mengatakan golongan muda buta sejarah sebab membaca (sebab tu tak cakna dengan isu LKY datang Malaysia dan buat roadshow), insya Allah tak semua..

Any of you have read either of the book? Share with me ok!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Best friend's Wedding

Atas permintaan ramai...

This is a friend whom most of the time with me,through thick and thin.

She was there when I cried (which was very rare) , start dari hilang kunci keta masa 2nd year, depressed mase convofair mase 3rd year, perang besar ngan dia mase 4th year (intern..haha I think the most depressed person during this time is Jasa.Peace Jess~), kecik hati ngan member and abundance of workload mase final year, kecik hati ngan ayah mase pas uni..(masa ni kat umah aku pun hang ade.Magic pe hang ni?) she was always there to console me.

She was there gak through my unforgettable experience.Naik skuter dari uni ke Ipoh and Pangkor, merentas Jambatan Pulau Pinang, she taught me my first time fishing experience in Taman Negara P Pinang (monkey beach ke? lupa dah) sampai I jadi addict and taknak dah mandi laut pastu sebab asyik sangat mancing, our air kelapa moment (and tayar pancit) lepas balik keje mase intern, my first accident (selepas itu saya fobia bawak keta selama tiga minggu, dan tumpang moto dia gi keje everyday), and trip to balai polis dan jumpe pakcik polis sengal,my first ICU experience visiting Anih's friend(Anih is her sister yang equally funny and hilarious) .. not to mention our many roadtrips to Langkawi, Sunway Lagoon, Padang Besaq, Bukit Merah, jalan2 cari ayaq terjun and mandi laut (mase intern, ni memang kerja kami tiap weekend), Penang, Port Dickson.. aih banyak lagi lah.

She was a friend that I relied solely when it comes to assignments and projects in uni.. when I came back after various meetings at 2.00 am,my ritual was always bawak bantal and assignments pi room dia, and konon nak wat keje same2 padahal I slept 10minutes after my arrival huhu..and the main resource each time I don't have time to complete my assignments on time.Hahaa apsal hang ada dalam semua occasion hidup aku nih?

Therefore a long, miserable journey to your wedding is nothing compared to your hospitality and warmth as a friend. Happy wedding, Hariri! And may the best of everything in your new life, insya Allah.

p/s:Excuse the emotional post, I think sometimes ape salahnye.Hehe

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Berapa bijik pearl dalam satu oyster?

Have you seen the inner side of a pearl oyster?
Can you guess how many pearls usually contained in an oyster?
Initially when I was asked this question, my answer was one (sebab terpengaruh dengan cerita Little Mermaid, biaselahkan)
But actually, one oyster contained many pearls!!
Yes, I just knew this fact recently. Segan I.

Picture taken in Pearl Centre, Beijing
Yet, knowing the fact, I am still wondering why pearls are still very expensive?!
Actually the lower quality ones are not that expensive..hehe
(ape ni, sendiri tanya sendiri jawab)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Last few days

Last few days, I am travelling

after office-Shah Alam overnight and whole day-KL-Seremban overnight tengok Hazim sat-KL.

KL-Parit overnight & visit Jasa-Pokok Sena akad-Alor Setar visit cousin-Pokok Sena reception-Georgetown makan at Padang Kota-Batu Feringghi-Georgetown supper at Gurney-Sg Dua overnight.

Sg Dua-Taiping for Doli kuey teow-R&R Tapah for iced latte-KL.

On Monday, dizzy and sleepy at work, blamed Monday blues for the lack of productivity.

After all, the journey worth every penny,which you wont get it kalo travelling by flight (yess, I tak menyesal).

P/S: Pictures? I dont want to be anticlimax, I always save the best for last :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Di kala blank

What would you always do when you have so much in mind to blog, but when you see the blogger's entry template your idea vanished into the air?
Total blackout. Blank.
What I always do, is to click the add image button and surf for interesting pictures in my possession, and paste it here.
Just like this one.
The caption for this pic is, erm, if you have excessive money to spend this month, go get it. One of the best moisturizer I use so far..anyway, not performance wise. I think the moisturizing effect is just OK, but it does not irritate sensitive skin laa for sure. And works for cracked heels too (I was talked into buying this by the sales girl while searching for cracked heels cream). I think I love it because of its smell. Just because of that. Haha.