Thursday, May 20, 2010

Below RM10

Yes, those are rugby theme, everyone.
Customized order, haha (thanks Pn Aishah!)
Since his condition is to give present below the budget of RM10, so one cupcake does worth less than RM10.
Penat gak la nak pikir camne nak fulfill the condition -_-
To kakak bijou, does it looks familiar? :P
To someone special who turned 26 last week;
Sorry I didn't managed to wish you on time  (I was asleep and I could not call you/text you anyway-takde line)
Tapi takpe you told me you went to bed quite early too so we were equal there
Sorry I didn't get you something fancy, just a humble bunch of cupcakes
I am planning to give you something more meaningful
And treat you for a fancy dinner
And hundreds of other thing that I want to do with you
But its just a birthday anyway, a day that we grow older
Lets treat each of our days together as equal meaningful as the special day that we missed.
p/s: to readers, kindly ignore the PDA (public dispay of affection).I'm sure it will not come often.Hehe 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Abah zaman sekarang

Last few weeks I teach my Abah on how to start blogging.
Dekat 45 minutes gak I bagi customer care service ( he called from his office to my office, on how to manage features in his blog).
Pastu the following week dia beli netbook dia sendiri (cewah) brand Dell tuh.
Lawa comel biru laut tapi i punyer si hitam tu tetap comel di hati(cis taknak kalah)
I gak jadi customer care line dia utk features netbook ape yg best and brand mouse ape best(sampai brand mouse pon dia tanya)
Tapi kawan2, netbook Dell dia tak bagi casing (sleeve) bersamanya padahal kalo brand lain ade je bagi sleeve skali.
So Abah beli netbook punya beg yang comel tak ingat. OK i jeles and rasa nak lobi suruh bagi I terus.  
Minggu lepas I ajar dia main Twitter plak.
I cakap senang nak follow kes anwar kat court and tau perkembangan PRK kat sibu.
And owh recently I just read his blog...hehee comell (bayangkan abah2 berbahasa skema dan menulis blog catatan harian.siyes cute)
Haha but I dont dare to encourage dia main facebook...
Tapi risau gak next week kalo balik rumah dia mintak I ajar bukak akaun fb pula.. aiya..
Nih la dia Abah2 zaman sekarang.Canggih betul.
p/s: tapi I secretly hope he wont found my blog..eventhough the address is quite obvious.abah if you reading this, peacE! kita kan peminat AKJ, kena la ada blog kan :P)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jom tweet

I tweet more often these days.
And I just knew why people lite twitter so much.
It is cooler than just updating your fb status.
So lets follow each other (my link at side bar).

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tahajjud Cinta - a review

Tahajjud Cinta is the latest CD I bought recently.People who knew me close enough, would realised that this album must mean something deep. Because at only very few occurence that I bought a CD (or cassette in yesteryears), since usually I would not care much about songs and music. I just listened to whatever being played in the radio or if I love the songs I heard, I just find it in the net and replayed it. I remembered few months back, me and hubby always search for this album everytime we were in malls but failed to be found.We knew that it was released back in end of 2009. Kenapa ya? Does it only available at selected shops?
So what is so special with Tahajjud CInta?
If you need my one liner, I would say - the songs are very soothing.
So if you need something to unwind your emotions, or as a company in car during traffic jams, or just a plain daily listening - I guess this is a good alternative.It contained one of the nicest Asma' ul Husna recited ever, but my personal favourite is `Pintu RIndu' which is actually a famous marhabban melody being modified it lyric to give more meaning. Also, a few that are already familiar to our ears are `Tahajjud CInta' (soundtrack from the drama Alif Firdaus) and `Ku Percaya Ada Cinta'. Others are nice too. Kesimpulannya I suka!
But...if you already has the negative perception of not liking the singer for whatever reason, then I have no right to bash out your initial perceptions. Although Siti has not cover her aurat properly, or is too perfect(beautiful,wealthy with even wealthier husband,luck is always at her side but yet still tak-pakai-tudung-walau-kata-nak-pakai-pas-balik-haji) that made points of disgust to some others, but at least with this album she will have a fair share of pahala that maybe we did not have. Perhaps by listening to these songs will open the heart of someone to repent..even if it is only one person at the other side of the world.Who knows? I see this as an advantage by being a public figure that normal people are not given the opportunity to spread dakwah as they are.
As the conclusion, go get the CDs. Or at least search in youtube to get the feel of what I mean. But of course everyone has their own preference, and I have mine. Just pray that the songs will touch hearts of people to change for the better (especially the singer! ameen).
Enjoy :)

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