Sunday, May 27, 2007

Musim kawin datang lagi

Haa dah dah, jangan nak buat-buat tanye saya nak upload pasal apa.
Siap ada special request lagi suruh upload pasal ni(perli)
(yelah, saya kan unofficial photographer kenduri kahwin sejak last sem lagi..)
OK admit, saya memang suka pergi kenduri kahwin.
Nak-nak senior/kawan-kawan sendiri.
P/S: Kalo kamu kahwin, ajak la saya ya.Nanti saya letak gambar kamu dalam blog ni.
Enjoy the pics.

oh saya sangat suka gambar candid

mereka dan keluarga mereka

kami dan mereka

hantaran mereka


junior-junior mereka (yg datang dari jauh walau belum habis paper.. cewah)

kawan-kawan mereka
Oh ye, tahniah sekali lagi buat pengantin baru kak shasha (nur shazlina aznar) dan abg odex (fairuz azwardi). Semoga berbahagia!
(orange-tema pengantin hehe)
Lepas ni jangan kaco tau.Orang ada satu paper lagi hari Rabu.Yeay struggle!!
P/S lagi : Oh best, saya jumpa junior dan senior sekolah yg lama tak jumpa. Dan jugak jiran yg balik bercuti dari oversea (kat rumah tak jumpa plak!).Dan juga kak sumay, saya tahu akak minat blog saya.Hahhahaa sekian.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Halal and Healthy

Several ways to promote Halal and Healthy Lifestyle (recommended by me=P):


1- Check all ingredients stated at the outside cover of all processed and canned food (although you cauld not even understand half of them. when you find something curious, such as weird codes, animal-based gelatin, renet or anything, find second opinion or just go for something else.

2- Of course, look for halal logo certified by JAKIM. But for imported products, of course you won't find JAKIM's logo. Instead, look for the manufacturer country's halal logo or if you are curious or waswas, just go for alternative products.

3- Try to find local brands and products, even better if you can assure they are made by Muslim company especially for basic needs and food stuff. For example, find toothpaste with brands of Mukmin, Safi and etcetera, curry powder or cooking stuff by Adabi or Mak Siti and etcetera. Besides to ensure you consume halal and good stuff, you can also help to boost up Muslim's companies by supporting their products. In this case, I think everybody should have a new perspective in choosing their preferred products. The common belief of `imported and famous products are better in quality than local products' must be demolished in your mind. Local Muslim products are equally good as well, and they need our support to expand to get inline with other giant brands in the market.

4- Please be aware of boycotted products, whether they directly support Israel to destroy Muslim populations and ideology throughout the world, they are using non-halal stuff in their products or they are insensitive with Muslims needs and beliefs.Want some examples? These are too common. Coke, Starbucks, Mc Donald's, KFC, Procter & Gamble (Palmolive and Rejoice Shampoo), Sara Lee, Intel and lots more - they support Israel directly. Cadbury and several cheese brands use curious animal emulsifier/gelatin in their products (just several examples, there's lots more) and Colgate and High 5 bread are insensitive towards Muslims. (these kind of info won't be published widely though, you have to browse the internet to find more).

1- Avoid eating the most famous breakfast in Malaysia -Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. Very bad for health. Reduce greasy and high cholestrol food in your daily meal. The best breakfast is cereal, the best cereal is OAT as it contains beta glucan that can reduce cholesterol in your blood.

2- Eat lost of veggie.Or if you're UN-veggie lover like me, fruits can create the same impact too (come on, belajar-belajar la suka makan sayur okay-nasihat diri sendiri).

3- Start to consume supplement food, such as vitamin C, E, garlic pills (hehe promote) or anything. Consult your doctor to get the best impact. And if you used to buy direct from the pharmacy, please ask if the pills are halal or not. My doctor said that the garlic pills that I consumed is certifed halal by only two manufacturers, UPHA and HOVID. The rest are uncertain since they are packed outside Malaysia.

4- Spend some time to jog or play once a while. It won't harm you, trust me, and way better than playing tennis or football in the computer games (haha, sorry sapa2 yang terasa;P)

Until then, eat wisely, consume HALAL things and boycott Israel-related and products manufactured by insensitive companies!!

percayalah, kita mampu mengubahnya!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let's recap..

Assalamualaikum and good day to all,

Alhamdulillah, I've finished four papers within six days..quite challenging for warga tua yang dah setahun lebih tak exam like me. There are two more to go, which will be one paper per week for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully everything will be fine, Insya Allah.

Today I will let the pictures do most of the talking..recap of SOME of the things that happen before the exams start. Well, updates for exams will be posted later, if ever I had the mood to do so. Hehe

Yay! I've started to take my first supplement ever.. GARLIC PILLS. Not many knew the benefits of garlics including me, until I met the doctor and she advised me to take this. Nah, actually I'm the one who asked what supplement she would recommend. Since youth nowadays generally consumes lots of fat and oil and cholesterol in their daily meals, garlic can actually lower the cholesterol in your blood. And to buy it in campus clinic is much cheaper, since they offer student's price. Nice!

Lots and lots of tests before the study week, even the study week was filled with presentations. AND my first paper? The first day of exam week! So much of being a final year, I guess.

A surprise cake by my adik-adik Smartgroup.. I'm soo overwhelmed!=P

These are good luck cards that we received..thanks girlss! You all are soo cute!

Erk, tu je?
Hehe the rest will be update later, whether there's no pics or I'm too lazy to upload the pics from my phone. Sorry there's not much issues to tell since I'm still struggling for final exams.
Last but not least,
I think I ought to say this since it suddenly popped into my mind. Yeah, during exam, sometimes we think we did a great job, or we did just moderately, or we just regretted for not studying this notes and that past years questions for it actually appeared in our final exams. Or worse, we just did not have any clue to write on the piece of paper, but then we just scribbled anything and hoped for the examiners will give markah kesian. Well, what ever conditions fit you during the exams,please be in control and at ease okay. I think most older people had experienced all that including me, and it just a matter of perceiving it and interpreting everything in a positive sort of way.
My point is let bygone be bygone, we had strive hard for it and now we just have to tawakkal and doa to Allah. As I quote my friend said, tawakkal selepas exam, sebelum exam kita kena berusaha habis habisan!! There's no point of being devastated or feeling down or cried after a horrible paper. That's not our power to change what we've written, but there is always Allah, the Most Merciful. He can do anything, even to change our fate if we'd done our best and we pray hard to Him. Why most people always forget that? Well, talking about spiritual strength.

Ok then, I think I've made my point here. All the best for the remaining papers. Also special for my juniors who will go for student exchange programs and internship in aussie and german, may the force will always be with you. You had the chance that everyone else is always dreamed for, and take the opportunity to outshine the best in you. Oh ye, don't forget my souvenirs okay??;P (heheh sempat je).
And the rest who will go locals, still my best wishes for all of you.For the time being, marilah kita ke IRC dan berkampung di sana sempena musim exam untuk masa depan yang lebih gemilang..=)
Until then.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ladies Day Out, Semoga Berjaya

Alhamdulillah, harini selesai my FYP presentation. Lega sebab dah habis walaupun teruk gak kena dengan Dr Rama tadi. Adakah patut saya terperangkap dengan soalan seperti `What's the definition of Jacobian matrix?' `How do you assure that the convergence is guaranteed?' OK, fine. Teringin gak nak belasah tapi teringat pesan SV, `kalo tak tau tu jawab je taktau, and I will figure it out later'.Huhu..overall presentation OK je la kot.Tapi tak kisah la, asalkan dah selesai:)

The best part is after presentation, joined Ladies Day Out with the rest of housemates dan beberapa orang lagi. Mereka dah pergi awal pagi lagi, sebab saya dan kawan present hari ni, kami datang lambat sikit. This is the most outreagous picnic ever.Sebab waktu tu dari kampus dah pukul 1 lebih..bila sampai sana bukak pintu kereta je hujan mencurah-curah. Dan cuba bayangkan kawasan picnic camne..penuh selut sana sini sebelum sampai tempat kejadian. Huhu tapi dalam setengah jam hujan berhenti jugak la. Hujan rahmat..dah lama sangat tak hujan:)

Ni la tempatnya:) Cuba teka kat mana?

Sebenarnya datang jugak walaupun dah lambat sebab asyik terbayang ayam barbecue dan makanan-makanan lain..hehe best. Another best part is acara solat berjemaah tepi air terjun..pergh syahdu betul. Yang lebih best lagi semua orang menggunakan kreativiti masing-masing sebab tak bawak proper telekung. Tapi tak kisah asalkan tutup aurat kan.. bukan wajib pun solat kena pakai telekung. Islam ni kan tak pernah bebankan umatnya..(still saya masih pelik, dah mudah camni pun,kenapa ramai orang masih malas solat?? Ntah laa..)

Last not least, selamat berjuang kepada semua warga kampus untuk final exam yang akan start minggu depan. As for me and my coursemates, struggle hard jugak la sebab ada 4 paper minggu depan..mantap betul. OK selamat berjaya kepada diri sendiri dan semua.. jangan lupa serikan usaha dengan doa, ikhtiar dan tawakkal OK? Sungguh senjata orang Islam adalah taqwa yang tinggi kepada Allah....:)

Seems familiar?? Hehe ni custom-version hehe

BERUSAHALAH!! (jerit dengan penuh bersemangat!)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Menarik juga..

Quite interesting, don't you think ?

(Btw post seperti ini hanya akan berlaku dalam 2 keadaan: 1-bila saya takde kerja 2-bila saya byk gila kerja and taktau nak buat yang mana. Suka sangat personaliti test camni walaupun tak confirm betul pun)

Eh, ada sedikit nak berkongsi dengan kamu semua harini.

Semalam saya ala-ala stressed dan tak tau nak mula kerja macam mana. Sebab banyak sangat test esok dan lusa, dan projek pun tak siap-siap lagi. Kemudian saya pujuk hati dengan ayat favourite saya (surah Ar Ra'd : 28..taktau?sila ambil terjemahan Al Quran dan baca sendiri okay). Kemudian tergerak hati mencapai Al Quran, dan sewaktu baca terus terjumpa ayat ini :

Ataukah kamu mengira bahawa kamu akan masuk syurga, padahal belum datang krpadamu (cubaan) seperti (yang dialami) orang-orang terdahulu sebelum kamu. Mereka ditimpa kemelaratan, penderitaan dan digoncang (dengan berbagai ujian), sehingga Rasul dan orang-orang beriman bersamanya berkata, "Bilakah datang pertolongan Allah?" Ingatlah, sesungguhnya pertolongan Allah itu dekat. (Al Baqarah : 214)

Hati saya sangat gembira dan terharu. Sesungguhnya Allah memang nak tunjuk dan motivasi diri ini. Bila fikir balik, kita ni stressed dengan projects, tests, assignments, presentation, exams je pun. TU JE PUN.. bukannya kita ni diancam bunuh ke, dalam peperangan ke, di ambang maut ke. Kalau kita rasa kita la paling unfortunate dalam dunia ni sebab kena berhadapan dengan setakat ujian-ujian akademik macam ni, senang cerita kita tengok sirah Rasul dan sahabat. Tak pun tengok balik perjuangan pejuang Islam contohnya Hassan Al Banna atau Zainab Al Ghazali. Ujian yang kita hadapi ni seperti mereka ke?? Saya rasa, sikit pun tak menghampiri seperti mereka. Cuma kita yang selalu membesar-besarkan perkara kecil. Dan yang paling penting, Allah dah janji : sesungguhnya pertolongan Nya adalah dekat...wah! what's more relieving than that??!! Maka saya termotivate semula..:)

Okay, tu je perkongsian hari ni. Sama-sama la kita renung kembali..harap boleh memberi impak sedikit sebanyak dalam kehidupan kita.

By the way, All the best utk kawan-kawan yg sedang final exam dan akan exam (seperti saya!)!! All the best and we CAN DO IT!! (with Allah's blessings..)

* wah wah syamott n ci..kamu dah nak grad ye? Jealousnyaaa!!=P