Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Yes, you're in Shah's Facts N Figures.

Like my new template?

Tak suka pun takpe, janji I suka.. dah bosan dengan template epal berumur 3 tahun itu.

We need change, right :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It is B-city

Last two weeks, I had my annual ritual of family vacation, despite the heavy work load and the newly assigned project (which I just had to flash my sweetest smile to my boss as he had approved my leave three weeks earlier). This time around, Abah decided to go `oriental' and looked for a destination in Asia. And fair enough, the most tempting place to go where we never step our foot on, with a reasonable cost and also one of Malaysian's favourite shopping paradise, is Beijing.
So Beijing we went.

The Great Wall, after the second tower. Here you can get your certificate that certified you've climbed the Great Wall. But here in Beijing, nothing comes for free. You have to pay for the cert!

If you ask me to describe Beijing in three words, I would say Beijing is modern, busy and clean. My Mum (and most of us) admitted that she was initially quite sceptical with the city, in a negative way, as Beijing may sound ancient and historical with densely populated people ( about 23 million in the city alone). So in this case, a Malay proverb of `Tak Kenal Maka tak Cinta' explained our interesting and fascinating experience here,period.

Beijing is so exciting! There are Chinese Acrobatics, Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Tian-an Men, the pearls, jades, jewelleries, pandas, Bird Nest Stadium, silk, the souvenirs, the imitation goodies, the bubbly and Malay speaking tour guide, the various Muslim restaurants, the Muslim community, the structured and well planned town, the Beijing roses, the red dates and chestnuts, the historical mosques aged hundreds of years, the exotic food in the hawker street(gulp)..and many more! I wish I had a day off to blog about all of these... (you wish laa kan~:P)

However, I guess I will share in details my experience, perhaps later as I am struggling with projects and office workloads for these few weeks (already!).Its May, and now is always the time people finalizing the KPIs and improvement initiatives, and even the BAU (business as usual) is more hectic than ever.

Sneak peak : Me and my SIL with out tour guide and some of the tour members

Therefore, have fun, people!

P/S : Oh yes, next week is school holiday and the wedding fiesta is about to start! A lott of my good friends will get married. Congrats, dearies and I will blog more about this soon, insya Allah.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tribute to teachers on Teacher's Day

It strucked me when I tried to recall my teachers' names since kindergarten, I failed to list down all of them. Thus, here in this page, I will try to list down all names that I can remember, for my reference now and in the future.

Kindergarten - Tadika ABBC
Cikgu : Cikgu Aya (ni je ingat.Ke dia sorang je cikgu ek?)
Kawan2 : Nadira Izaty, Asyraf (just married, Selamat Pengantin Baru),Fauziah,Zarina..( 4 org je ingat??)

Sekolah Rendah - Convent Seremban/SK Puteri
Cikgu : Cikgu Maznah (cikgu Tunas Puteri), Ms Jeyadevi (cikgu disiplin -ingat sebab pernah kena warning dalam bilik dia), Pn Siva(cikgu kelas sebelah mase darjah 3),Cik Zalina, Pn Ong (sains) Pn Ithniah (guru besar).. (kenapa cikgu kelas aku sorang pun tak ingat?cikgu kelas sebelah ingat pulak. Adeish)
Kawan2: Joyce Chiang, Syarafina, Ezati, Shazana, Azah, Lyn Yen, Tse Yee, Xiang Min, Lucy, Pooja,Idyani,Shida, Nadia,Diyana,Fazrin,Iman, Tunku Ida...(stakat ni je, nanti kalau igt dah letak lagi)

Sekolah Menengah - SMSTJ
Cikgu : Cikgu Kedah, Cikgu razak(yang suke rotan budak boys and selalu suruh kitorg lari round basketball court sebelah kelas), Frau Farajuita(ni bdk 3 Bohr my batch kalo tak igt taktau nak cakap pe), Lao Shi (cikgu mandarin,name tak hingat),Cikgu Kang, Ustazah Azni, Ustazah Maznah, Cikgu Jee,Ustaz Shamsul, Ms Umi, Ms Jess, Pn Norhashimah (terima kasih cikgu kerana mengajar saya Add Math hingga dapat A1 first time mase SPM),Cikgu Azlin, Cikgu Donan, Cikgu Bio tu ape ek nama dia?,Cikgu Fizik (alaa, asik panggil nama gelaran je dah tak igt name betul. Tapi saya takmo panggil nama gelaran lagi sebab dah insaf mase SPM tak score fizik), Cikgu Rozi, Cikgu Istika (cikgu klas mase form 4), oh ye, Mr Zack, Cikgu Karim..
Kawan2: Alaa baru lagi, rajin reunion lak tuh, insya Allah I ingat you all (wahaha play safe nampak)

Cikgu : Mr Balbir, Ms Suhaila, Ms Hazrin, Ms Kak Own, Ms Norashikin ( SV internship), Mr Fakhizan (SV FYP), Mr Mukherjee (sorry sir I found it difficult to score your subject huhu), Mr Sanif, Ustaz Nuri, Ms Ena, Ir Fadzil, Ir Nordin, Dr Norani.. (ala blank pulak dah. Will update from time to time)
Kawan2 : Baru sangat kot.. kalo lupa memang laa tak tau nak cakap pe

Cikgu driving, ma ngan abah yang selalu menjadi cikgu mengajar erti kehidupan (cewah), my brothers (bergaduh ngan korang pun i always learn something), my SIL (akak still hutang saye cara-cara membuat karipap ye),senior2, junior2, member2 yang selalu ajar saya, bos dulu, bos sekarang, cikgu2 masa training,officemates dan semua lah..

Selamat Hari Guru saya ucapkan..
taktau kenapa saya asyik teringat moto hari guru masa bila entah iaitu `Guru Inovatif dan kreatif Menjayakan Wawasan'. Tahun ni ape ek moto hari guru?

Terima Kasih Cikgu, you all are simply the best.

p/s: Friends, Kalau you all nak tambah nama2 cikgu/kawan2 tadika dan sekolah rendah yang I ter miss, please feel free ok.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer's in the air

As ganas as I may seem, I still get fascinated by (real,fresh) flowers.
They are like, created especially and exclusively for women!
p/s : Ci, cepat teka tempat ni! Kalau betul aku belanje. Huhu

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Am off.. but online!

Hye all,

As some of you already knew, I am on my annual ritual of getting away from work hassle to get a peace of mind, somewhere. Yang bestnya, I only applied annual leave for two days only, yeay :)

What ever it is, this is the first time I have a hotel room complete with a pc and internet connection! Yes, in the hotel room itself! Without any extra charge at all. So there is no hassle of going to a cybercafe or bringing your own notebook..I guess maybe it is because the city is considered a world-renown business centre of its own. And even I am away, I can get online everyday :)

P/s : Today also, was the first time I saw a fried (kambing) meat ball and accidentally termakan ia!! Oh tidakk saya tak suka kambing.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Meet My New Mate

Intel Atom N270 (1.6Ghz)
160Gb/2Gb RAM
Built-in Web Camera (1.3 Mpixels)
Wireless LAN
10/100Mpbs LAN
Non Explosive Lithium ion Battery
Cards Reader, Express Card Slot
3 x USB Port, 1 x VGA Port
Free Twinmate Sleek Case
Pre-installed with XP Home
1.2kg lightweight with 10.2" Wide Screen

*Fanless Design-An engineering breakthrough that has permanently eliminated the risk of overheating due to fan failure.
*Built-in Hardisk
*Non Explosive Lithium ion Battery

I got this out of necessity, since I don't have any laptop (melainkan laptop pemberian company yang berat itu). So far alhamdulillah, mamat nie menjalankan tugas dengan jayanya. Mine was exactly the same as above, only mine was black. I badly wanted the red one but kalau nak kena tambah RM200. Oh itu memang tidak perlu. I got a netbook instead of notebook to fufill my priority list as below :

1. Ringan untuk mobiliti
2. Murah mengikut bajet di poket
3. Comel dan cantik untuk memotivasi diri (haha.perlukah)

Mengikut aktiviti survey yang sempat diadakan pada PC Fair yang lalu, model ini (Twinmate NX10) adalah paling memenuhi tiga ciri di atas..oh yeah.Satisfied sungguh (setakat ini). I realized that netbook is the `in-thing' nowadays especially among ladies, so I look forward to hear comments or experiences from other netbook owners.


p/s: I put a lot of effort to italical the words in English.Anti PPSMI supporters, I am still one of you guys.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bidadari Dari Timur..

I was so upset when I missed the launching of this book during the KL Bookfair last week. It was even attended by Tok Guru himself! Hmm, did I tell you that I missed the whole bookfair affair?? Initially I wasn't so devastated since most of the book that I aimed to get can be found easily in MPH or Kino, except this very particular book ( I assume, although I never actually try to find it in the nearest bookstore). However I managed to get hold of it from a friend, who happened to be a bookdealer.
So this morning, after my Subuh prayer, I read this 107 pages book that I was certain can be finished for a mere half an hour. This book actually acts as my Tazkirah Subuh on this wonderful early weekend morning, where most of the people are still cuddling their comfortable blanket -_- ( I was glad, I was very energetic this morning, or else I would usually do the same ritual as the others..)
OK, I actually wants to highlight some synopsis of this book. They called it `novelette' as it has the fancy words normally used in the commercial Malay novels.. :) I would suggest this book to all ladies, as I presume usually ladies appreciate fancy words (bahasa puitis) and it really touches the bottom of hearts and deepest of soul. For men whom enjoy novels, feel free to get hold of this book.
The book is actually a mini memoir of the beloved wife of Tok Guru (Datuk) Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the well known ulama' and also the MB of Kelantan. Datin Tuan Sabariah Tuan Ishak, a soft spoken, brave at heart and a loving wife and mother of ten children, being a wife of a super busy and dedicated religious leader like Tok Guru for more than 30 years.. there are so much to learn from her valuable experience. Especially to wives and ehem, wife to be (to whom who may concern, haha).
It was filled with excerpts from the Holy Quran, and her real experience of growing up her 5 sons and 5 daughters, and handling the house chores. And she also gave a glance on how Tok Guru managed to spend time with his children and his hobby of hunting and farming (I suppose it is hard to find an MB with interesting hobby like this) despite his busy schedule. However, the thing that I treasure most in this brief novelette are a few doa that was recited by him every now and then. One of my favourite, was the one which he recited before the 13th GE. It surely will shed your tears!
Bottomline is, please read this book.. it is so touching and inspiring at the same time..and it is so thin that you can finish in few minutes, seriously. Enjoy!