Friday, November 27, 2009

Pre-wed memoir#3-Wedding gift

This is a note I wrote in my fb page this morning.

(this post is strictly for BFFs,best friends,good friends and everything in between.No room for judging whatsoever please)

Lately ramai orang tanye pasal ape wedding gift yg i nak.Based on several conversation previously, me and my friends agreed that despite adab org melayu yang pemalu dan tak meminta2, bakal2 pengantin kalau boleh specify kan apa yg dihajati supaye tak dapat hadiah yang same berdozen2 last2 semak kat stor atau bungkus balik bagi kat kawan lain (eh ni org cakap la, tak tau betul ke tak.huhu tapi agak kurang bermoral:P)Jadi setelah ditimbang2 tara I will list down beberapa items yang i `tak perlu' (sebab dah ade/mmg tak perlu, tapi sekiranya I still dapat I masih menerima dengan senang hati):

Wedding gift yang I TAK PERLU:
1. Steam Iron
2. Set pinggan mangkuk (tapi kalau nak bagi Corelle I nakkkk! hahaa)
3. Rice cooker
4. Peti ais (macam lah ade org nk bagi kan.haha)
5. Laptop/blackberry/tv (hahah ape ni perasan)
6.Towel mandi
7. Kettle plastik (kalo Tefal nak! i prefer metal electric kettle though)
8. Pasu bunga/bunga hiasan/teddy bear
9. Coffee maker
10. Sandwich maker
11.Kuali (kalo maxim n tefal ok kot..the non stick range)

Hmm basically tu je kot.Kiranya I still need most of home appliances as I am not buying anything for the new home yet..saje pas kawin baru nak cari.Nevertheless, your presence is the most important thing for my wedding :) love lots and see you ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-wed memoir #2

Harini I nak capture satu lagi pre-wedding memoir. Berlaku semasa chatting through communicator with my friend just now.


eh eh selamat pengantin baru


aku ada 3 wedding on same date

Me: Tq2


insyallah aku datang


wah yeke


flattered :)


jgn lupa bunga telur yg kat tepi pelamin utk aku


ha ha ha


mesti punyee




mesti ko nervous


nervous tapi taktau ape yg dinervouskn








fikirkan rice mcm tulis ppa






application sungguh


ha ha ha

I think it is genuinely funny.FYI for people who is not familiar with PPA writing, RICE is Result,Impact,Challenges and Efforts yang selalu kita tulis in details for our job utk yearly performance appraisal.And obviously my friend here is a HR background lady.Comel gilaa suggestion kau, kan..hahaa.

One special bunga telur is specially saved for you, dear :P You made my day :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anda semua dijemput hadir



12 Dec 2009

Dewan Majlis Perbandaran Seremban (MPS),

Jalan Yamtuan, Seremban, N Sembilan


19 Dec 2009

298, Lorong Titiwangsa 13,

Taman Bukti,70400 Ampangan,
Seremban, N Sembilan

I realized the blog contained more words than pictures nowadays. So I am posting this to balance things out. Hehe.

You are all invited! :)

Although most people knew this already.

When the exact date(s) is getting nearer, mulalah rasa nak gelabah kan.Walaupun hakikatnya takde ape pun nak digelabahkan, kan.

Haha. I wish to retain those words in my blog as my pre-wedding memoirs.

I just hope this blog will retain its identity although the author will change her status soon.

Status changed, but not identity.

Heheh sudah laa rambles aku (!)

Dear, transition period (my department was just been reorg) not necessary means I am inaudated with overflowing work.On the contrary, I am quite relax and even have time to count the days.Although I don't need a wedding ticker as a few of my friends will be ending their singledom on the same day as mine.So I just refer to theirs.Boleh? Haha

Sedang asyik menaip tetiba my boss came back to office, rushing and assigning me urgent work. And kept me occupied with meeting until Maghrib.
Typical working days.Can't wait for the long holiday to start~


Monday, November 23, 2009

Persepsi Perception

Recently, we often found in the newspapers what the mainstream calls perception politics.
In a layman's term, I understand it as some news conveyed to the rakyat (usually using the mass media including electronics and publications) that looks so real but more often than not, it is not too accurate.
Some examples are the TGNA's 'kononnya' graft case on somebody sponsors him for Hajj and the latest is Dato' Husam's, 'kononnya' (again), he wanted to quit PAS due to internal crisis.
Personally, and I strongly believe that both accusations are nonsense.
Why I said so? Go figure. Since I do not intend to elaborate on the cases too much, but more on perception that can create different impact than to different people.
Today, when I read one of my favourite book and the author gives an example on how perception can ruin someone's life if you actually let them, I cannot help but immediately relate it to the above issues.
The example is as simple as below:
An English professor wrote the words:
"Woman without her man is nothing" on the board and asked the students to punctuate it correctly.
The men wrote "Woman, without her man, is nothing"
The women wrote "Woman! Without her, man is nothing"
Now, you see what I mean?
Thus becareful on what you read especially in mainstream newspapers, tv news and random blogs whom you are unsure the author is.
OK, the above comment is directly for the political cases mentioned earlier. In our daily lives, this happen very often.
How many times you get irritated by a simple sms or emails or while chatting through social networking server?
How often you argue with your good friends on a simple remarks you read somewhere, often again, in sms or emails ?
And what happen when you instantly get mad without seeking for clarification from that particular sender? You tend to judge. Or even worse, you share them with your friends and obviously spread the hatred among you without the actual person knows.
I admit that I get annoyed many times and get mad by just reading a simple sentence in an email chain.Now I am thinking I am doing injustice to the person because sometimes I judge without seeking clarification.Obviously we do not want to jeopardize invaluable friendship for a wrong reason, and worse if the reason is actually far from true.
Conclusion is, go figure. heh. I think it is obvious enough where I am heading to.
Credits to Zabrina ABu Bakar, author of Life is an Open Secret on the examples of perception that can ruin lives.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Never take them for granted.

Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself,and make time for them - Jo Richards.

I woke up early this morning,at my parents' house and found my brother's book on the computer desk.`Lift Me Up', by Ron Kaufman.I don't know this book actually owned by his friend (ehem, a special friend, or probably an ex?Owh I sounded like Melodi or Gossip Girl skarang) or a gift since someone's name is written on it.Either ways, I found the one particular quote as written as the first sentence and many other beautiful quotes in it, to lift me up and a good way to start my day.

I think the feeling is best known by people who had the similar experience with me. I lived a full 5 years of high school in a the same coed boarding school, and another full 5 years in uni (same uni, I never even attended any matriculation/form6 whatsoever) which has almost the same atmosphere as high school.So living with the same people, who initially were strangers for quite some time really created some special bond among us.We shared the thick and thin, the love and sorrow,the ups and downs together while soul searching and finding our own identity.

This is why, after I hit the working life for almost two years now, I think the ten years of serious(!) learning -high school and uni time are the best time of and should not be forgotten easily.

This is also why, I am usually in for any reunions,special occasions,weddings,get togethers, hangouts - as long as I have the opportunity to attend, I and my small circle of friends will be there. Sometimes even occasions hundreds of miles away, we will find some ways, even apply for leave just for the sake of being there for a friend.I know a few people who really can give their best to this extend, and I truly salute them for that. I sometimes, too, failed to fulfill all the invitation due to several other commitments.

When one day, my friend mentioned-`Does friendship ends when love starts?'
It really made me stop and think.
Does it?
Of course you can look at it in two different perspective.
But the one that bothers me most, is how some people changed when they changed their status, from Miss to Mrs.It seems like they shut their window off and just focus on the husband and newly build family.

Well, I am not pointing fingers but just an early reminder especially for ME as I will insya Allah moves to that stage soon. If ever I am caught red handed doing such mentioned above, just slap a yellow notes on my forehead reminding me about this post. Hahaa please, not literally okay..

The point of this whole post is actually straight forward:
Quality companions deserve time and attention.Never take them for granted.

Well for those who are curious; below is this weekend's itinerary:

Wedding Shashawn @ Bangi -Shashawn is my skoolmate who left skool mase form 4.will be going with Ci and expected to meet up Ben,Meon,Ricky,Papan and the rest of 85ers.
Wedding Amie@Temerloh - coursemate,unimate,housemate and roomate(until tomorrowlah) :P will be going with Zue Hajar, the rest Jan03 with own arrangement so we will meet each other there.

Bye,take care,drive carefully and love lots.