Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another Shaklee Distributor in Town

After so long keeping the product to myself, I am now planning to share it with you and confess to the public. I am a Shaklee user for few years already, and I must say I love the product and would like to share with you. I have my own testimonial to share, and I will do it in stages :) At the moment I just like to announce my willingness to share with you and even help you to buy using member's price, and you can even become a member yourself when you're satisfied with the product.

COD is available for KLCC and Keramat area.
Whatsapp/SMS me at 019-3755133.


the seasonal blogger said...

hihi.. i like~! salam, Shah. aku consumed shaklee waktu berpantang Ariana last year.. rasa energetic je so next year May/June, aku contact ko k for recommendations which supp to take.. aritu amik trial set berpantang and continue ngan menyusu.

Nor Shahira Md Isa said...

bole sure :) no problem :) rase lg best kan kalo pregnant tapi energetic ngalahkan ppuan tak pregnant. hehe contact je anytime :)