Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Saya Orangnya"

The prime time news last night and the newspaper headlines today had said it all.
The man in the DVD had spoken.
Thus, it is expected that the high commision of MCA and also the country leaders would ask the man to leave for good, although the man says "I'm sorry, but I'm not resigning" (NST front page, 2 January 2007).
Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Khoo Kay Kim and Syed Hamid Albar (just mentioned a few names) thought he should go too, but UMNO Labis thought his heroic act for admitting the truth was worth more than his unforgivable sin (or in other words, they would support him through ups and downs, which also means he can still be their leader no matter what he'd done! Are they blind or what?)
What a pathetic way to start a new year with the election is just around the corner. Is this really a brutal coincidence, or what political strategy are they up to this time?

Let YOU, ME and the MALAYSIANS be the judge.
(I certainly don't need this kind of person as my leader. Do you?)


Anonymous said...

Ana rasa ramai lagi menteri yang layak dipanggil "Menteri Kesakitan" instead of "Menteri Kesihatan" yang dicadangkan supaya resign sebelum dapat "Red Sign". tul x?

manggishitam said...

hurm. memalukan. adeke patut menteri kesihatan buat seks luar nikah. padehal byk penyakit berjangkit disebabkan hal itu. contohnye aids. macam ketam ajar anak jalan lurus. ape nk jadi la kan ngan menteri2 kite nih. hakim2 pun corrupt.. pastu rakyat melesia gak kene tahan masuk ISA

Shierrahh Ivy said...

ye betul..rasanya pendedahan macam ni akan dapat bukak mata semua orang tentang keadaan pemimpin kita yang sebenar.Dont you think its time to change?? (me, being radical as always..;P)

Anonymous said...

i just love to be different than anybody else, so i'll comment differently. :)

first thing first, he's not muslim. so i dont think its sinful for him to have sex outta marriage. as long as its not rape - as long as its consensual sex, why should it be issue?

by law, he's done nothing illegal. is it because he's a minister, so he can't do it?

second: i haven't watch the video yet, so i dunno if he's using protection or not. but medically outta marriage sex (i know there should be a better word for "sex luar nikah".. but cant find it in mind right now) is not the cause of infectious diseases. unsafe and unprotected sex has been a major cause of infection STD.

third: human is imperfect. human made mistakes. and it always by our nature and needs that we do such mistakes. however, the important things are to realize the mistakes, and learn from it.

why oh why.. should we discriminate honesty (he has confessed and he said he has learned his mistake)? Can't we accept that he's a mortal and apologize? after all, he did honesty.

last: did he slack professionally in his career or work because of the sex? if not, why his profession is at stake? its quite unfair. and even if to say its unethical, its not like he's doing sex in public. it such a personal thing - sex is. and he did it in his own personal time, in a private place.

and i would say the one who captures the scene in stealth is more unethical. breaching privacy.

i always believe that professionalism shouldn't be mix with personal.

that's it. not that i do not condone free sex, but i guess the judgements made towards the one who's being honest and apologize is not there.

ppl are living in hormones so much now, that we judge the book by its cover, which, the judgement always derived from all the hormones. lol. ironic.

Shierrahh Ivy said...

hye adek, thanks for the comment ;) Really nice to hear from a different perspective. Just as far as i'm concern, almost all religion in the world (including christian, buddha and hindhu )forbid sex out of marriage, and to actually think about the feelings of his family especially his wife that he'd cheated, was too much to bear.Just one deed that made him stand tall was he admitted his sin bravely, unlike many other politicians (including the muslim ones)that remained silent and later, the case just fade away. Don't you think the government need to track back these culprits, by the way? Hehe again, thanks for your comment ;)