Friday, June 25, 2010

Sports betting

*gambar hiasan
It is funny when some Muslims criticising another Muslim's view to ban sports betting.
All this makes some of the non-Muslims confuse and start to play along.
A Muslim minister is the one who made the first move to legalise sports betting.
One minister made an open remarks (and today a lengthy expelaination in a free newspaper) that makes most of us say, `wah beraninya.tak takut kena panah petir ke?'
Another minister is overly confident that he can regulate the sports betting issue to make sure the Muslims do not take part in it.
Bottomline is, getting the millions worth of bet by legalising the betting is the most important thing to do right now for the sake of developing our country. Or is it?
I am just afraid that the Almighty will punish us all for the wrongdoings of some.

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