Friday, July 29, 2016

New Freshpicks products launch in August

There will be more exciting products will be launch in August..among others are...
........(drumroll please)......

Natural Loose Powder!!

I cant wait myself to get hold of this one.Also there will be more items in set for more value for your money and satisfaction is guaranteed😁

Wait for the anmouncement soon !

P/s: Please be informed that the introductory price will end by 30 July. We will announce the new price list for August onwards soon.Dont worry,it will still be affordable and great for your skin😎

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Freshpicks products available

Hi all..tengoklah produk #Freshpicks ni fresh from oven.Best quality guaranteed sebab bahan2 nak buat dia pun memang special.contohnya cherry beauty soap tu contains argan oil,aloevera,cucumber, papaya extract! And the criansa kids soap is best for kids with sensitive skin😀
Kalau nak try complete skin care..boleh cuba my personal favourite- CCS set comprise of 2 soaps+1 signature cream (toner+moisturizer) + dd cream with spf30.lipbalm pulak for drylips..macam ala2 lip*ce gitu.Lipmoist pulak macam lipgloss maybell*ine!!Bangga i ade org kita boleh produce product setanding branded products!Okay,price  list as below :

1.CCS set (2 beauty soap+1 signature cream+1 dd cream+FREE 1 cosmetic pouch) -RM 130/set
2.Cherry beauty soap special(green)/classic(orange) edition-RM 25/pc, RM 36 for 2
3.Criansa kids soap-RM12
4.Cherry lipbalm for dry lips-RM15
5.Cherry lipmoist (pretty pink) -RM35

Contact/whatsapp Sha at 0193755133 or find me at FB/IG Shahira Isa 😁

Lets support #Freshpicks #highqualitylocalproducts!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Freshpicks Organic Skincare in town!

I am such a fan of organic and natural based products..i mean,who doesn't?for years i have been a loyal customer to some fancy international brands just to make sure i am applying good products to my skin.also thanks to my supersensitive skin, i am quite particular on choosing my skincare range. However, you might already aware that natural based products are quite be frank, among my favourite brands are dermalog*ca,and the body shop to name a few.after few years.. i realized that i need to switch to local brands that offer the same quality and also organic based...and also value for money
When i stumbled upon Freshpicks by kak cery..well i was like love at the first sight, but i dont want to rush.i need to make sure this is what i really want. You see, i am the type who is willing to spend more on skincare compared to make well,making the right decision is important!
It takes me about a month to decide on Freshpicks.In the meantime i even tried one local brand founded by malaysia's no 1 female singer..but still it doesnt suits me so now,i am beginning my journey with Freshpicks and i believe it will be a great one!
Why Freshpicks if you ask fulfilled all my personal requirement for a skincare is organic,natural based,homemade,local products,safe and halal without harmful chemical,of course no parabens,sls and other additives that might harm you on long term usage. It is safe even for children to use it. You see, i tend to be so frustrated when i read some baby brands products ingredients, like pure*n or johnso*ns or anakk*, when i still found the usual parabens and sles.i felt like i was betrayed...since they should be offering the best product for our kids,right? But it is my job to find the best for me and my family.Now,seems like Freshpicks is the best s6olution i have right now So if you would like to try, just     whatsapp me at 0193755133 or email at for inquiries/order.i will be happy to help!