Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Assalamualaikum and hye to all.

Today, I am officially two-three! Terasa tua pulak

Thanks to all for the wishes, messages (erm, via friendster, SMS, third party or any other means), gifts, cakes, treats and prayers. Although celebrating birthday is quite unusual for me, lovely thoughts from friends and loved ones always cheer me up and make my day. Today's outing was fun too! Thanks a million ;)


(this is not so important, so you can skip this if you feel like it)
On other different note during the same day, we walked from KLCC to Pavillion just for these:

We were just so curious on other people's testimonials on this particular doughnut. Is it so so so delicious that made everyone queue-up all the time(as seen on tv, magazines and other people's blogs) ? First impression really captured us, although we went NOT during meal hours/school holiday/weekends/public holiday, the queue still and always exists. Oh extremely curious.

However,bak kata pepatah, curiousity kills the cat. Hazel even asked the kakak kaunter `Which are the best selling doughnuts?', but the kakak kaunter herself could not make up her mind and pointed at various doughnuts. OR simply because she malas nak layan kitorang kot.

Later on, we take turns and tasted each and every doughnuts, and commented on them. Someone insisted us to record our comments so some of us won't forget to put those in our review.Lastly, our honest opinions concluded as "OK la, kelebihannya adalah donut dia lembut la tapi takde la sedap sangat, agak manis la jugak.Kiranya takde la craving sampai nak beli lagi dan lagi". Maybe sebab kami high expectation sangat kot. One good suggestion from us is for them to come out with original and simple doughnut, without any filings or decorations, just simply plain. I'm pretty sure they will attract more crowd. No offense, okay, J-Co Donut lovers ;)

OK I'm done with my doughnut review, now you guys punye turn plak, Hazel and Jasa. Oh Hazel already made her review. Jasa tengok la, if she's not busy with her Project Runway (ahahaa I'm so jealous!!). Look out for their blogs ok people.

Hey let the birthday girl have fun today ok? Hehe thanks ;)


[re-arrange] said...

happy birthday shah!

uhh.. tgk mcm sedap jer donut tuh..

Shierrahh Ivy said...

thanks! btw donut tu not so bad actually tapi mungkin kerana aku adan hazel terlalu cerewet..haha

Ja Alif Sa Alif said...

Hak3...donut yang mendapat review dari food critics yang bajet best je. tapi bole la tahan, better dari dunkin'...walaupun hazel lg suka dunkin...

p/s: jauh gak menapak ke pudu hazel bawak semalam..uhuk3...hariri smp lenguh lutut...haha..besela die..nenek tua!

manggishitam said...

hehe shah sape bg ko kad katak tu? hehe ko mmg taleh dipisahkan ngan katak... pasnih kite makan dunkin donat je lah.. no need berato2 n ko bley maen2 tutup kotak die okeyyy heheh :P

Shierrahh Ivy said...

huhu kecian hariri, lekali bwk die naik lrt je sudaa;) kad katak konfem la cik nenek tua tu yg bagi huhu. haah la wey slambe perli aku..tutup kotak dunkin donat tanpa sedar haha