Thursday, October 05, 2006

Halalan Thoiyiba

When it comes to food, all Muslims (well, mostly) will have extra awareness in choosing their food to consume. This is a very good attitude, as every changes in our body comes from the external source that we consume, namely food, drinks, medicine, drugs and etcetera. The addition, multiplication, elimination and mutation of cells that resulted from the source we consume will definitely impacted our brain, movement, mind, heart-almost everything!( Yes, food actually affected your heart. If you have bad attitude or behavior e.g stubborn, lazy, hot-temper etc, it might cause by the food you had consumed!) Thus, it is extremely important to identify and choose our source of food or medication to avoid negative impact to our physical and spiritual body aspects.

I am much interested in the halalan-thoiyiba concept- which I first read in the Milenia Muslim magazine, October 2006 edition. It highlighted on a small manufacturing company near Kuala Kangsar, which specialized in supplementary food and cosmetic products, namely Sadratul Enterprise (the article did not specified clearly the name of the products manufacture, though). Despite of its warm, cozy and clean environment, the most unique aspect about the factory is of course, it applies the halalan thoiyiba concept. I did not know in detail about the concept, but what I understand about it is the concept controls and creates extra precaution act to ensure the safeness, cleanliness and the positive impact it creates to the consumers, both physically and spiritually, inline with Islamic laws and requisitions.

Among the practices in the factory besides everyone must wear proper attire (gloves, smock, caps-you name it) to ensure good hygienic environment are, every employees must say the syahadah the moment they set foot in the factory, cover their aurat, take wudhu’ and recite a few respective doa’ before they start their work. Yes, this means all the workers are Muslims, and they are also highly encouraged to perform Dhuha prayer and recite the Al Quran verses during working hours. Contemporary music is not allowed in the factory as it will affect the spiritual sense (Islamic aura) in the atmosphere. In exchange, Al Quran recitation fills the air. Can you imagine how peaceful and calm the atmosphere is- and most important, how well and effective the products will be at the end?

Any Muslims in their sane mind will definitely feel amazed and give the products a try. From what I read, the testimonies received from the customers are very much impressive! Already there are a few parties who are really interested to market Sadratul Enterprise products outside Malaysia-so how much cooler do you think halalan thoiyiba concept can be? You can check here, the halal food industries also provides a promising future even world wide, since more Muslims consumers are aware of halal food and very selective in choosing products and food they consumed daily.I even wonder whether this concept can be applied in the manufacturing company that I am working right now (OK yeah, so I am working in an electronics measurement instruments manufacturing company, so what? The thought of having all workers so devoted in praising Allah – zikr, Dhuha prayer, Al Quran recitation while working are just too good to be true !=P)

All this reflected to only one concept– good products lead to good individual, good individual lead to good community, good communities lead to good nation, and the list goes on, and on , and on.

What about you, ladies and gents?
Are you completely aware and so particular in choosing your food or products you use daily? Maybe in our current situation it is very hard to find products which apply the halalan thoiyiba concept, (I, myself has yet to find one- hopefully I will found it soon!).We can start by asking ourselves this question: How many of you check labels and ingredients and most importantly – HALAL logo thoroughly before you actually buy something? If you are not used to it, it’s not too late to start now.


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