Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Salam and good day,
I went to a place where MUSIC is a very important state of art- where some famous Western musicians were born and originate back in 200 years ago. These geniuses really know their talent and passion towards music. What really important is, they are born with brains, and they are willing to learn.Yes, that's the keyword, LEARN.
Mozart statue (not really a Mozart though, since he was actually a small guy..)

A Chopin's memoriabilia (ala-ala kat Bintang Walk tu)
What I really want to emphasize is, we have to learn to LEARN from them.By heart, not just for the sake of something, maybe exams or tests or personal preferences. We are quite indifferent from each other, but the will to learn and improve ourselves, and also our faith to Allah make the differences.
Mozart's House ( now turned into Mozart's Museum)
I didn't fancy these Westerners though, because I knew Islamic civilization back then had produced thousands of geniuses and philosophers in various field of knowledge, just we are out of luck to preserved each and every proofs and manuscripts for the eyes of future generations. Most of it had been destroyed intentionally/unintentionally during wars and other unfortunate circumstances.
Richard Strauss' golden statue

Rasulullah saw bersabda:
Barangsiapa yang menginginkan kesejahteraan di dunia,
hendaklah menguasai ilmu,
dan barangsiapa menginginkan kesejahteraan hidup di akhirat,
maka hendaklah dia menguasai ilmu,
dan barangsiapa inginkan kesejahteraan di dunia dan di akhirat,
hendaklah dia menguasai ILMU.
Also, I would like to share the most important part I learnt from my little experience, combined with my recent reading with all of you:
Hadith dari Rasulullah saw: Barangsiapa yang bertambah ilmunya tetapi tidak bertambah ketakwaannya, maka tidak ada suatu pun yang bertambah dalam dirinya kecuali jauh dari Tuhan.
(hadith extracted from Bila Tuhan Berbicara-Faisal Tehrani 2007)

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