Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dutchmen won!

Holland beat Italy 3-0!
OK, I know this is yesterday's news, but who cares.I've been the Orange supporter since Dennis Bergkamp era :) They played extremely well too.
Go go Orange!


manggishitam said...

i hate football. but LOVE the players. hehe

asyran said...

kak shah
saye boikot Holland nyer poduct ngan football team dorg skali...memang geram kat Geert Wilders tuh..

Shierrahh Ivy said...

Thanks Asyran for the comment (see comment in previous post). Really appreciate it :)

I know the issue would come about, on Holland and the Geert Wilders' controversy. I know people might think I'm not being sensitive by appraising the Oranje whereas a Dutch man (read: Geert) just recently insulted our religion and our prophet.

Well, I think despite the EURO 2008 season, we shall at least take advantage of it, not just watching it blindly.I actually envy the spirit of the Dutchmen, the way they work as a team and resulted in miracles. Their strategies and smooth play are just extraordinary. They didn't fear the ex-finalists, they actually believe they can beat them and they really did. Kita ambik yang baik la alang2 musim euro ni kan. mungkin bleh bawak kebaikan utk kite merancang strategi kite pulak :)
Btw akak still je boikot brg2 diorg selagi bleh hehe