Friday, November 07, 2008

What would you do if..

What would you do if.. you like the challenge in your office work but you hate your immediate boss?

First, you have to identify the root cause of the hatred feeling :

Why you hate your boss?

1. The boss is not a good role model (balik awal, selalu MC, selalu EL, keluar ofis tak cakap ngan subordinate, not efficiently managing subordinates)
2. You perform all your boss' work and never get recognition for it
3. When something screw up, you always take the blame (instead of your boss)
4. When you kena hentam dengan your big boss, he just stood there, silent and do nothing
5. When again, something screw up, he tried to push the blame to everyone but himself.
6. You're the one who always stay back to meet the big bosses since your immediate boss always not in office
7. You always get calls from him, asking you even the tiniest questions whenever you're out of office i.e going training, MCs, or ALs
8. The boss curse when he mismanaged things i.e silap antar email (I hate people cursing!)
9. The boss never motivates his subordinates, but expect perfect delivery of work
10. The boss kalut gila, dan kalau dia kalut akan membuatkan subordinates semua kalut sekali (you know, impossible demands, etc)
11. You feel like you never will perform under his supervision
12. .. and the list goes on

What you can do?

First, you must understand the situation.

1. Maybe the boss has family problems (i.e family members sick)
2. Maybe the boss has financial problems (although he seems rich)
3. Maybe he hates his job
4. Maybe he has not attend any stress management training
5. Maybe he hates his boss
6. Maybe he plans to resign sometimes soon

..and plan for your next action.

1. Ignore the negative vibe and continue work as usual
2. Take any opportunity comes, i.e going training, forum, workshops, etc
3. Best opportunities to spread your network by communicating direct with other managers and higher management in the department
4. Ignore him whenever got the chance
5. Tell him the truth in the best manner
6. Pray your immediate boss will get a transfer letter soon
6. Plan where to go next (after you leave the department.. ahaha)


FM said...

uu~~~ camne boleh jadi bos tu.
takpe, bos camtu tak lama.
satu kes di PGB, (cerita mulut budak PGB, hehe) seorang SM yang juga acting GM, telah diturunkan jawatan ke M sahaja.
sebab: salah satunya datang lambat tapi suh setiausaha dia punch card. hahaha!!!

me said...

Think Smart! Act Smart! It will surely save a lot of ur energy;)