Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Am off.. but online!

Hye all,

As some of you already knew, I am on my annual ritual of getting away from work hassle to get a peace of mind, somewhere. Yang bestnya, I only applied annual leave for two days only, yeay :)

What ever it is, this is the first time I have a hotel room complete with a pc and internet connection! Yes, in the hotel room itself! Without any extra charge at all. So there is no hassle of going to a cybercafe or bringing your own notebook..I guess maybe it is because the city is considered a world-renown business centre of its own. And even I am away, I can get online everyday :)

P/s : Today also, was the first time I saw a fried (kambing) meat ball and accidentally termakan ia!! Oh tidakk saya tak suka kambing.

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^fairyha^ said...

G mane weyh g mane g mane...