Sunday, May 24, 2009

It is B-city

Last two weeks, I had my annual ritual of family vacation, despite the heavy work load and the newly assigned project (which I just had to flash my sweetest smile to my boss as he had approved my leave three weeks earlier). This time around, Abah decided to go `oriental' and looked for a destination in Asia. And fair enough, the most tempting place to go where we never step our foot on, with a reasonable cost and also one of Malaysian's favourite shopping paradise, is Beijing.
So Beijing we went.

The Great Wall, after the second tower. Here you can get your certificate that certified you've climbed the Great Wall. But here in Beijing, nothing comes for free. You have to pay for the cert!

If you ask me to describe Beijing in three words, I would say Beijing is modern, busy and clean. My Mum (and most of us) admitted that she was initially quite sceptical with the city, in a negative way, as Beijing may sound ancient and historical with densely populated people ( about 23 million in the city alone). So in this case, a Malay proverb of `Tak Kenal Maka tak Cinta' explained our interesting and fascinating experience here,period.

Beijing is so exciting! There are Chinese Acrobatics, Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Tian-an Men, the pearls, jades, jewelleries, pandas, Bird Nest Stadium, silk, the souvenirs, the imitation goodies, the bubbly and Malay speaking tour guide, the various Muslim restaurants, the Muslim community, the structured and well planned town, the Beijing roses, the red dates and chestnuts, the historical mosques aged hundreds of years, the exotic food in the hawker street(gulp)..and many more! I wish I had a day off to blog about all of these... (you wish laa kan~:P)

However, I guess I will share in details my experience, perhaps later as I am struggling with projects and office workloads for these few weeks (already!).Its May, and now is always the time people finalizing the KPIs and improvement initiatives, and even the BAU (business as usual) is more hectic than ever.

Sneak peak : Me and my SIL with out tour guide and some of the tour members

Therefore, have fun, people!

P/S : Oh yes, next week is school holiday and the wedding fiesta is about to start! A lott of my good friends will get married. Congrats, dearies and I will blog more about this soon, insya Allah.

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^fairyha^ said...

Nak g beijing jgk nanti.. one day. Weyh,bershopping sronok ke sight seeing lg sronok.

Mase aku g HK n Shenzhen tu, paling boring bile diorg bwk g kedai herbs...... =_=