Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awed by Tash

As usual, tonight i flipped through The Sun and it was among my few rare occasion of reading a newspaper from cover to cover(except on weekends,when I have all the time in the world to digest the contents). On the page of top ten hot seller books listed by The Borders, I noticed two books being listed by the same author, Tash Aw.

Wait..Tash who?

He is a Malaysian,literally, although was born in Taipei by Malaysian parents and experienced living in many part of the world. Two books as hot sellers at one time, this guy must be good. According to the article, he spent five and four years to complete each books.
The first book, Harmony silk factory was set in World War Two in Perak,whereas the second book, Map in of the Invisible World was set duirng a Confrontation period in Indonesia around 1960's. I read a brief synopsis of the second book and it sounds very impressive. About two boys, Adam and Johan whom were sent to orphanage by their mother and later separated as Johan was adopted by a Malaysian couple while Adam was taken by a Dutchman and continue his life in Indonesia. Tash later captured Adam's journey dealing with many difficultied especially in adapting in terms of skin colour and heritage. To quench the thirst of my secret passion in history(sometimes laa pun), I guess I will head to major bookstore and get my hands on the book,perhaps.
Lagipun ni menyahut cabaran AKJ yang mengatakan golongan muda buta sejarah sebab membaca (sebab tu tak cakna dengan isu LKY datang Malaysia dan buat roadshow), insya Allah tak semua..

Any of you have read either of the book? Share with me ok!


^fairyha^ said...

Suatu ketika dulu aku pun pernah mengusha buku die ni, tapi x beli.
Heard about him bile die ade wat interview dengan Leehom =) G la wey, bace interview tu, nanti aku carikan link. Hehe~

Shierrahh Ivy said...

eh asal dia interview leehom lak? dia reporter ke.. huhu meh sini link,manela tau cambest ke