Friday, January 22, 2010

Healthy food, tasty food

Only now I realize that I kind of enjoy cooking.The reason I am sure of it is when I cook for my dinner nowadays eventhough I am alone (my hubby is still outstation,by the way). Apart of to prepare myself to become a good wife a.k.a a good cook,ehem,it is also due to two conditions which hindered me from cooking often during my singledom are now fulfilled:

1) I have my own house,own kitchen with complete groceries and being stocked by myself

2) Enough time to cook as I get home early, thanks to my new home which is 15 minutes away from my office. Wait, I can get to office in less than 5 minutes time minus the slight traffic jam and traffic lights.How cool is that??

And my obsession to healthy food is getting stronger. I tried to cook less oily food and tried to have veggie dish in every meal.Before this I use to skip veggies,and don't mind being carnivor all this while. Also I stick to corn oil instead of palm oil in my cooking, and vow to finish 2L of it in three months time or more.Haha how possible does that sounds? Fried chicken,any deep fried dishes or gulai with santan is a total no-no.Oklah, can but just once in a while, kesian pulak my husband:P

For breakfast, I always against roti canai, nasi lemak and teh tarik.Anlene milk every morning without fail or hot chocolate, at least.Tea and coffee are to be avoided whenever possible.I've also got used to American breakfast(minus the baked beans,I hate them), always sunny side up or scramble rather than fried egg,although the first time I tried, I can't consume the yolk(oh saya tak suka telur goyang,telur separuh masak dan sebagainya) hence I fry it again in the pan.Haha mengelatkan.Bread is now staple food instead of rice, but must be in right quantity of course.

The secret of enjoying healthy food is actually to make it taste good.Therefore I am a big fan of afc and all food channel that shows how healthy and yet tasty food can be made in your own kitchen.My first experiment is the grilled chicken, this time Oura had the chance to taste it. She made commendable remarks. Haha bagus2.Saya akan berusaha sedaya upaya memasak masakan sihat tapi lazat.Ahaha semangat kan.Besides, bread tastes so much better with garlic or butter spread and chapatti made a good substitute of rice, everytime.Also never leave your salads behind, kalau muak salad sayur ganti dengan salad buah.And don't be afraid to try `western' veggies like broccoli and asparagus..they taste so good,seriously.

.....but everything mentioned above is automatically overruled whenever we got back to the parents' home.Moms are the best cook ever, so kalau diorg masak kita tak makan membazir je la kan.Haha boleh pakai kot alasan tu..:P

The reason I write this is actually to stress out the importance of good food for our well being, inside out. The best food is of couse from your own cooking, although there is no harm to dine out once in a while.But do choose your food wisely as it will become our blood and veins and actually affected our attitude and personality.

And I just found verses in AL Quran that emphasize on good and halal food:

Firman-Nya:” Wahai para rasul, Makanlah makanan yang baik-baik (halal) dan kerjakanlah amal soleh. Sesungguhnya Aku Maha Mengetahui apa yang kamu kerjakan.” (al-Mukminun:51)
“Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Makanlah rezeki yang baik-baik yang telah kami rezekikan kepadamu...”(al-Baqarah:172)

With that, let's embrace healthy lifestyle, people :)

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