Thursday, January 14, 2010

I turned 25 today.

Assalamualaikum and hye all.
It's been a while since this blog in hiatus.

Alot of changes in life..ever since my marriage I haven't update anything in this blog kan? Haha yelah 4 weeks marriage leave +annual leave, means 1st week:my reception, 2nd week:hubby's reception, 3rd week:vacation, 4th week:move into new house...then masuk je keje terus event 3 hari and kerja melambak sampai sekarang.

And now it is 15 Jan, again.First birthday as wife, I turned 25.. however my husband is not by my side.I don't blame him, I share my husband with an oversea's operation anyway.Yang penting balik kena bawak hadiah yg super best tau! :P

Well, even on 15 eve I've got the first present from Oura-dia blanje dinner..haha sweet kan.And few birthday wishes in fb, sms and phone calls..Thanks everyone. Hope the day will go well despite my full day meeting scheduled in hand.

Thank you Allah for giving me a blissful life, surrounded by wonderful people and still being given the nikmat of Islam and iman even after 25 years of living my life.

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