Monday, October 11, 2010

Healthy Tips #1 : Oat

Oat is well known as very rich in fiber content and is scientifically proven as one of the best cholestrol absorber in our body.In these modern days fast-paced-hence-fast food era, who doesnt consume cholestrol in their daily meal? So natural cholestrol absorber is very crucial for our heart and blood vessels. But it has one major drawback- yes-you guessed it right, it's taste and texture is not so inviting like rice does (at least for me yang hantu nasik:p). I've been consuming oats since few years ago and tried to make it an obligation to have at least a serving everyday. But I really really dislike the slimy,clotty texture once you mixed it with milk or hot water (as suggested in the package).Tu belum cerita ianya mengeras apabila dibiarkan di udara terlalu lama. Saya tak berapa suka bubur-like food anyway :P More often than not, previously I always unable to finish a bowl sebab muak sangat, especially when you just eat it with milk.
But, my neighbour, who is a health freak herself taught me some creative way to eat the oat. Since both of us hate the slimy texture, our option is to minus the water/milk and put everything else as you wish! Her favourite is always oat+yogurt+fresh fruits. While yours truly always change the combination mengikut sumber-sumber yang ada di opis/dapur rumah:
1) Oat + strawberry yogurt + hershey's choc syrup (seperti gambar di atas)
2) Oat + mango yogurt + banana (mango yogurt agak masam, sape tak suke masam takyah try)
3) Oat + fresh strawberries + banana (saya selalu ada banana kat rumah!Entah kenapa)
4) Oat + fresh strawberries + choc hersheys syrup + sikit strawberry yogurt drink to moist
5) Oat + sikit milk + choc chunks + yuor favourite cereal + any nuts (saya juga banyak nuts di rumah,terima kasih kepada sponsor dari vietnam.hehe Nak sikit??)
6) Oat + sikit milk + honey + nuts
Tips : just combine it with any organic food that you LOVE.Remember, organic yea.. jangan letak junkfood sudah and avoid processed food(jam,instant food, artificial flavouring, MSG cubes etc) as much as possible!
As the conclusion, there's no excuse in eating healthy and live healthily:) Lupakanlah nasik lemak sambal sotong dan kuey teow goreng yang lazat berminyak itu, and opt for healthier breakfast ok :) Oh tapi seperti biasa my rule of thumb hehe, makanan sedap berminyak dibolehkan pada hujung minggu bila balik umah mak mentua. Sambal sotong mama adalah superbbbb! Sekali seminggu boleh kotttt~ (pastu lari 3 round KLCC park ok)

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