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2011 Reminiscence

*I've prepared this around new year's eve but forgot to post it.Sorry for the delay!*

My 2011 was coloured with a lot of milestones and memorable moments. I felt like having a hardbound diary just to remember this year, but is there any point of having a diary at the very end of the year? Haha perhaps I can try for next year.

Jan 2011
The year started with a family trip with hubby's family and my birthday celebration (thanks honey!) to Guangzhou, China. Our intention is actually to look for small business opportunity and only Mama managed to start her own! She bought 30 beautiful evening clutches (or some of us referred to it as dinner bags) and it was a big hit among her friends and relatives. This was a rough and hectic journey, but we love every moment of it! Later when we come home, I found my pregnancy test was positive. I conceived! After one year of marriage. It was such a sweet birthday present for us. To be honest, we'd planned to start to meet some Gynae to check our fertility status (just in case), but the good news came really fast.

Feb 2011
I need to mention here, since last Eid Adha in 2010 hubby always in KL for work and not scheduled elsewhere.So I was practically happy! On 6th Feb, I found myself bleeding non-stop and I had suspected the worse. On 7th Feb, the doctor in PUSRAWI confirmed my fetus wasn't developing and later that evening, I had the worse stomach cramp ever and was rushed to the ER in PCMC. I was admitted for 3 days to undergone D&C (I had an almost complete abortion, almost, hence the D&C) and enjoyed 2 weeks of mini confinement at home.

Mar 2011
I believe I recovered quite well, physically and emotionally after that experience. Only to found the shocking news : hubby was asked for a long attachment (read: transfer minimum 1 year) to Brunei. They just set up a subsidiary company there and for most Oil and Gas engineers, this was like a dream come true (on the development of skills, experience, perks, etc). And they wanted him on the first day of April. So throughout this month his job is consoling his dear wife and assuring me everything will be fine, insya Allah. We'll work through this together (of course I didn't buy it though, but what else can I do?)

Apr 2011
He fled to Brunei for good. The arrangement is for me to stayed with my parents in Seremban and commute to work everyday. Although it was tiring, I found it manageable though, cause my Dad is also a frequent commuter for the last 20 years.At least I ada geng. Tapi it depends jugak I didn't commute the entire month, sometimes I just stayed in KL and went to the parents near and over the weekend. Just to spice things up, hubby got to go to Perth for a week's work and I happily drop everything and followed him :) Macam second honeymoon la pulak.

May 2011
In one of the weekend, I went to BWN to check on him. Since he was still on attachment, he stayed in a nice hotel and I am happy to tumpang sekaki. Oh I love staying in luxury hotels! (who doesn't?). We went around hujung ke hujung, sampai ke Kuala Belait (coincidentally a Malaysian family hosted a small event so we just came to mingle around) and near Limbang border. Can't belief we covered the whole Brunei in just one night! I went to Labuan for the first time since it took just 45 mins by ferry. We bought some choc, had a lunch by the beach, tumpang solat kat Grand Dorsett (too lazy to catch a taxi just to go to the nearest masjid) and back to BWN. This month also hubby got to go to Singapore for work too, and as always I ikut jugak, haha. Who can't resist to stay in a nice hotel near Orchard Road? Nak pergi sendiri kurang mampu.

June & July 2011
Highlight of the month is hubby's Away Day in Kota Kinabalu. I never been to KK before! So again I packed my things and met him there. Sutera Harbour had such an amazing scenery, it looks like postcards! Sampai my parents cakap dah muak dah every weekend asik pergi airport je haha.. These moves was inspired by one of my ex-manager, she said `Never worried about kids, they will come when the time comes. I dulu after 2 years baru dapat anak, sementara tu I enjoy je life dengan hubby. Kalau nak berjalan, angkat beg terus pergi, takyah fikir2'. Haha kata2 hikmat di situ. After this trip, I was so busy with work (if you want to make it sound technical, I've started my `Operations') and could not afford people covering me. Owh before I forgot, after my miscarriage and an away husband, the pressure to conceive has almost gone, unlike last year. I just go with the flow and even once asked hubby `Kita plan for a child bila abang balik for good lah?'. But instead he replied `takpe, tu kuasa Allah, kalau dia nak bagi dia bagi jugak'. I'm flattered!

Aug 2011
It was fasting month, and hubby promised to come home every weekend. I stayed at my parents' house the whole month coz the food is nicer at home for break fast. Haha. But one of the weekend he had a workshop, and since it was done in the most prestigous hotel in Brunei (Empire hotel) I happily booked a flight to BWN! Haha penatkan hidup camni.. tapi takpe alasannya adalah `tempat isteri di sisi suami'. Haha so I get to experience the fasting month in Brunei, alah same je cam tempat kita. This was also the first time I went to hubby's `rumah bujang' (cis nama je rumah bujang tapi sangat selesa) which he lived with his colleagues for the past 3 months. Late this month I received another surprising news: I conceived again alhamdulillah (despite our status as by-weekly couple-memang kuasa Allah kita tak boleh halang) after 6 months since my miscarriage. It looks like I got the most memorable Raya present ever!

Sept &Oct 2011
Raya2! Balik kampung Kedah and only then we popped the news to the inlaws. I wanted to keep it as a secret but hubby memang tak sabar2. After six weeks of conceiving, the most dreaded morning sickness strikes me. Tidak perlu detail, imagine kan aje. Walaupun setiap hari rase nak cuti, nak unpaid leave, tak larat nak bangun.. hehe. Alhamdulillah. I rase agak teruk jugak my sickness but I managed to go to the office most of the days. Maybe just 1-2 days of MC? Since hubby had started Operations and went to offshore quite a lot, I pendamkan aje desire nak merengek2 suruh hubby balik just because of my condition. Sedih kan I. Hahaha pathetic I know.ANd after 3 months of conceiving I dont really have the energy to commute from Seremban to work anymore, so I am in KL most of the time.

Nov&Dec 2011
A short trip to Hong Kong in mid Nov with the whole family (my side) termasuk budak kecik 2 orang tu..sangat seronok! Can't believe how fast time flies.. sedar tak sedar we'd been in LDR for 9 months already! Some good news: My PIL got transferred to KL and obtained a kuarters in Mindef HQ, which means they were now my neighbour!! Dapat jua ku menumpang kasih heheh. The dreaded news: Hubby was confirmed to extend his contract in Brunei or even consider a transfer package for that matter,atleast for another year. I guess it is wise to not grief about this fate too much, it is much easier to accept everything and pray for the best. We believe we'll get this through, insya Allah. After all we survived 9 months, no? Also my health is doing extremely well- Alhamdulillah I did not experience any difficulties or mishap(nauzubillah) throughout the pregnancy because I strongly believe Allah destined everything this way, and He is always there for us. So far hubby never missed any of my monthly check ups and that alone makes me (and baby) happy :)

OK that's about it on some note that I wish to rewind and retain in my memory in 2011. Hopefully 2012 will be a better year for all of us insya Allah :)

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