Monday, June 04, 2012

Natural Parenting?

Well it is only normal for new parent to talk about parenthood right? :) So I shall write a few of my thoughts here. In case you're wondering why I did not showcasing my baby too much in this blog, actually those precious moments were captured in other personal blog for the eyes of her father (mainly), and also as a remembrance for the good years to come insya Allah.

I believe `natural parenting' is the in thing for the young and new parents nowadays. Personally I was quite confused with this term, which made me ended up googling and searching for the true definition of the term. It is mainly about understanding the child's behavior and not forcing them into things that is not their norm. But is there a strict guideline to differentiate natural parenting from other parenting practices?

For me, all babies have their own unique behaviors, and most importantly is for the parents to recognize and compliment their uniqueness. However, to recognize our baby's unique features will take some time and a lot of try and error, and this is where most parents, whom may have different experience and knowledge,  end up with perhaps, different judgements (read: NOT wrong) in raising their children.

Personally I had my own difficulties and challenges in raising my baby which I shall not detail it out here - Amna is a moderate baby, not so easy nor so hard to handle. Let me tell you, my baby didn't suckle, she just scream on top of her lungs whenever she need something which made me go crazy at times. The hardest part is always the first few weeks, but later when she learnt the routine it will be much easier for baby and Mummy. Along the way, baby soothers do help especially when she is very cranky and refuse to sleep at night! I've tried pacifiers but it did not work with my baby, she just refused to it the minute I put into her mouth. Later I tried baby swing (buaian) and it works wonders.. so Mummy and baby are happier and managed to catch up quality sleeps together:-)

However a few weeks later, she doesnt like the swing so much and we resorted to sway around,almost dancing to put her to sleep.i mean, logically it's principal is the same as buaian,no?And this lasted until she's 3 mo old.After that she changed her preference again-she loves to nurse to sleep, just like when she was a newborn until now.but when she stayed with her Wan, pandai pulak tido pakai buaian o_O Yes we still rely to electric swing during the day when her grandma babysits her while I am working.coz if not nanti Wan x dpt masak plak asik ngadap dia jer.

And that is just about baby soothers, we have not even go into details to other topics i.e cloth diapers,organic stuffs,etc. Perhaps i will write more after this.i dont know what took me so long to install blogger app in my galaxy s/tab,huhu.

Different babies have their own unique behaviors, and we shall recognize this fact before we judge.

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