Friday, May 24, 2013

Reset Minda Pekerja

One of my favorite tv program nowadays is Reset Minda bersama Prof Muhaya. I like her style of reminding others straight forwardly, without actually annoys or discomforts people. Just the style that suits me. One of the most memorable episode that I can really relate to my self and my situation is Reset Minda para pekerja.

If you ever experience perasaan tak suka pergi pejabat, tak suka bosses, tak suka colleagues, tak suka your work, rasa tak pernah dihargai dan 1001 macam lagi grievances related to work, well you should catch the re run of this episode in Astro Oasis. When I watch this episode, every single words uttered by Prof really hit me right on the face. I pernah rasa perasaan yang sangat teruk ni twice in my working life. Once when i just got married and my husband immediately was assigned to Vietnam and other places.. and sekali lagi masa i just gave birth to my baby and got back to work,where I need to stay with my inlaws coz they agreed to take care of my baby while I got to work. To think back during these two major downside of my life, both were related to fragile emotions due to  missing support by the husband and ALSO some problem in the office that i shall not detailed down here.

Well to relate back to the topic, the key concept that i learnt from the program me is focus on what we are giving, rather that we are given. We always see ourselves as most important person because we do good work for the company,more often we stretch our efforts to make ends meet, and we always expect something in return, sometimes even something extra at the end of the day. But sometimes we tend to forget that we are the one who apply to work for the company, and they have the rights to assess our work and decides whether we shall be given handsome bonus or not at the end of the year. And once the decision did not meet our expectation, our instinct is always to rebel and give less from what we always give, because it doesn't make any difference anyway. Because those persons whom give less but more visible, or please the bosses whom will get the extra perks and not us.

The paragraph above is actually a real case that always happen in the workforce, especially in my unit. It is because my current work is so monotonous, very operational and is always hectic through out the year. At least a project has phases, and perhaps you may get totally busy at any of the phase and once it was done, you may have a time period to cool down and reflects, suggest for rooms of improvements before the next project kick off. But not for my case. So the negative atmosphere is always clouding my units especially because most of the member of my units are quite experienced people, and we have experience working with different team and bosses that we could always compare our experience to.

For me, i am a self motivated person. For me motivational book doesn't help to increase my motivation, i will do the soul searching and find my inspiration so i can get the mood and actually enjoy what i am doing at work, so i can strive better and perform at my best level. So currently the work atmosphere doesn't bother me so much, as i now if i want to make the atmosphere better, i am the one who need to move forward. Not forcing or waiting for the scenario to change. For external motivation i look forward to programmes like Prof Muhaya's and also by reading biography books of famous and successful person.

So if you're feeling down and not wanting to wake up the next day to go to the office, please catch the rerun of this programme to get you inspired. We need to understand why we go to work and how to enjoy working, if we fail to feel the joy we might as well quit and do something else instead e.g. starting a business, etc. And please do it quickly, because the longer you stay, you might feel more miserable, and this will surely affect your performance, and you will be the excess baggage to your colleagues and company too.


Hannah said...

sebagai perempuan, cara terbaik untuk de-stress dari kerja adalah dengan membebel :)

somehow aku percaya dengan rezeki Tuhan. kan ada ustaz mane tah cakap, kalau hati kite ikhlas dan kerja rajin2, the extra that we will get is through anak yg baik, kehidupan yg berkat dan bahagia etc, not only the handsome bonus. so tiap2 pagi, doa mintak ikhlaskan hati dan berkati kerja.

sesungguhnya sangat berkesan. bila aku emo je atau nk start rase jeles dgn orang lain, that feeling wont last long.. and the great thing was the pleasure of getting the 'extras'. money matters but happiness are more important!

Nor Shahira Md Isa said...

Good one hazel *like*