Friday, May 17, 2013

I miss u !

I just miss writing in this blog.its not that ive stopped writing because I have another personal blog that recorded Amna's milestone and some personal stuff that can only be accessed by mr and hubby.sweet bukan
.hewhew camni la LDR couples we still send sweet messages and ginggling n bermanja througj phone cam budak skola bercinta.ok please jgn muntah.
Ok then, ironically my last post
Was during my short unpaid leave - 1mo leave since my inlaw went for hajj. And this time also I am on short(long kot- 2 weeks) medical leave - I just had a minor surgery to remove a ganglion cyst at my left wrist.i suspected it was there for years because the size was big, and I just had to remove it before it kacau my blood for a week I had my hand bandaged and wore a splint.yesterday the doc changed the dressing and he did quite a good job coz I didnt see any stitch ever the cut is quite long coz the cyst was just on my blood vessels so doc need to tarik ke tepi a bit and buang the cyst.cant imagine if it gets just recently I  am able to type but yet to write or apply full force using my left hand like memotong bawang ker so I believe another week is given for complete recovery :)
Ok alamak my baby just woke up.she actually talk in her sleep comel.ok bye.just lepas gian to blog here.perhaps I can write more coz I have another week at home.heehee ")

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